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Nipple Queen Ruler flange sizing nipple measurement Breast pump
Nipple Queen Ruler™️

First-of-its-kind, patent-pending tool designed to precisely measure your nipples. The ruler’s reading directly corresponds to the flange size you need to buy.

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Pumping Pretty™️

Pumping 101 video guide! Includes the Nipple Queen Ruler, group support, resources, and everything you need to pump successfully.

Pumping Pretty Inserts Flat inverted elastic nipples mobile pump wearable breast pump breastfeeding
Pumping Pretty™️ Inserts

Whether you have flat, inverted, or elastic nipples, Pumping Pretty Inserts are custom-crafted just for you. Embrace the perfect fit.

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Pump Pod silicone suction cup breast pump manual hand pump breastfeeding milk collector
The Pump Pod™️

Suction activated breast milk collection cup. Created to use with Pumping Pretty Inserts so you don’t have to deal with nipple pain while collecting milk!

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