A Breast Milk Business. Step 2.

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Discover the key strategies I took to kickstart my mom boss business.

In my previous business blog, I delved into the crucial steps required to set your business on the path to success. However, in this post, I go even further by guiding you towards the most efficient and budget-friendly method of safeguarding your brand and using the right credit card to do it. Counting on my encounters and mistakes, I am committed to offering you invaluable perspectives that will benefit your journey.


I established a Facebook group called “Save The Milk, Scammer Prevention,” which served as a platform for mothers to report fake accounts and scammers attempting to sell breastmilk that was not their own. Drawing inspiration from this group, I decided to name my business “Save The Milk”. To ensure the availability of the name, I checked my state’s corporate division website. Seeing that it was not in use I successfully registered it by paying $100.

As my business flourished, I recognized how important trademarking was to establish a strong brand identity. I found Plug and Law, which provided me with step-by-step guidance to trademark Save The Milk. The entire process, including the USPTO filing fees, amounted to a reasonable cost of $399. Before initiating the trademark application, I conducted a thorough search on the USPTO website to make sure Save The Milk was available. Once this was completed I was now protected against potential competitors within my state and the rest of the US.

To safeguard my intellectual property I successfully obtained four trademarks and submitted three patent applications in five years. It has served me well too!  There have been several copycat accounts on Facebook and all I have had to do was provide a copy of my Trademark Certificate and Facebook removed their accounts. I was overwhelmed with navigating the complex world of legal documentation until I found sites that made it very easy. Start here to access the legal guides that I used.


Had I applied for the Chase Card right from the beginning, I would have accumulated over 500,000 points, equivalent to $6,500 worth of travel credit. However, I obtained the card fairly recently.  But in this short time, I have been lucky enough to have already accumulated 250,000 points. That translates to $3,000 of travel credit. I can’t wait to take my end-of-the-year tropical vacation again!

Stay tuned for my next Savvy Boobie Business Tips!

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