Are Elastic Nipples Really an Issue?

Oct 19, 2021 | Beaugen Cushions, elastic nipples, Lacteck, Pumpables, pumpinpals, Willow | 0 comments

I am straight forward with my answers and it is up to you to evaluate your situation to see which category you fall into… Bottom line, you will be able to take this information and decide what steps you would like to proceed with but if it sounds too confusing and you need support, it would be best to schedule a session with me so I can help you determine which path to take on your pumping journey.

So the Short Answer: Elastic nipples are only an issue depending on the pump and flange products you are using.

Issue: Elastic nipples only become an issue when your nipples are being pulled too far down the tubes and end up touching the ends of the flanges which in turn block milk from flowing and you cannot empty.
(It is different for Elvie users. See here)

Non Issue: If your nipples are touching the ends of the flanges but you are still able to empty, then there would be no reason to change products. It’s really that simple.

Solution: If you need more room for your nipples to stretch, I designed my own inserts to use with flanges and all pumps which are great for elastic nipples. You can find them HERE! You can also find smaller flanges, or use Beaugen Cushions, Pumpin Pals, Lacteck Baby Motion, or try other longer flanges like Nenesupply and Maymom vs the standard flanges that came with your pump. Plenty of options!

Now lets mix it up a bit.

Issue: Your nipples are touching the ends of the flanges, you are able to empty but you are uncomfortable. This could mean that your nipples are stretching too much which is contributing to your pain.
Would holding back your nipples help?
Would sizing down help?
Do you have a nipple infection?
Do you have Vasospasm symptoms?
Are you using Willow or Elvie?

Solution: Get sized to determine if your elastic nipples and discomfort are actually from using the wrong size flanges. If you are using flanges that are bigger then needed; You would then determine if you should use smaller standard Maymom / Nenesupply flanges or alternatively consider using Pumping Pretty Inserts, Beaugens Cushions, Pumpin Pals or Lacteck Baby Motion flanges depending on your unique situational needs.

Best option: Get sized with Save The Milk and take the guesswork out of it. I will be able to size you, evaluate your situation and work with you to make sure we set you up with the best possible option and support you for one week while you transition through these changes.



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