Best Time to Measure Nipples for the Right Size Flange?

Aug 2, 2019 | cracked nipple, Irritated nipple | 0 comments

Best Time to Measure Nipples for the Right Size Flange?

I know I am going against the norm but in my experience, you measure your nipples before your next pump. If you pump every two hours then you can literally measure just before your next scheduled pump.
Why do you do it before your next pump? Look at the pictures above. Could you imagine getting through your half-hour pump to measure your swollen nipples? What do you think the results of your measurements will be? Probably a size or two off. By allowing time to pass before you measure, you will get the most accurate readings for your new flange size. Which brings me back to the two pictures above. If your nipple is small and looks like the flange wants to swallow your areola, then it’s too big. Once the suction is turned on you can see that it’s concentrated on the areola and not the nipple, making the nipple disappear and swelling to occur immediately. Once you have your measurements you can then purchase the flange and breast shield if necessary.
What’s so bad about a big flange? Soon, moms will start to see blisters, cracks, bleeding, redness, discoloration, clogs and low milk supply. This just makes for an awful pumping journey. So take a few minutes and evaluate your flange size.
For more information on how to find your ideal size flange for your pump, please reach me via my website, Facebook, Instagram or text message 541-390-8649.

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