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Pumping Queens!

Let’s chat about something that’s got us all raising an eyebrow. After a pump session, do your nips go from “just chillin'” to “hello, world!”? Are your nips throwing a Huge Nipple party that you didn’t RSVP to? If so,  it’s time we talk about your flange fit. Because lets face it, size matters!

Nipple Ripple? More Like Wrong Size!

Ever heard of the Nipple Ripple? For example, it’s when your flange is too roomy, and your nip starts doing the wave like a groupie fan at a concert. What we want is a cozy fit, like a solo guitarist at a coffee shop.  A flange that’s too spacious is basically an invite for your nips to go wild and get all huge on you. So, how do we get your nipples sized?

Sizing Matters.

Finding the right size isn’t just about reducing swelling to keep your nips looking like nips. It’s about your comfort and output to overall help you reach your pumping goals. A proper fit does mean an end to the Nipple Ripple, and huge nipples. It also means comfort and being able to empty your breasts. So your journey will be a lot more happy.

Get the Right Gear.

Now, about that nipple pump (breast pump) of yours – it’s not the thing that’s causing your nips to get huge on you, it really is just the flange size causing you issues. That’s where the Nipple Queen Ruler (NQR) comes into play. This little ruler is a total game-changer. It’s not about finding a good-enough size! It’s about precision, for any type of nipple you have like flat, inverted or elastic nips. The NQR doesn’t tell you your nips size, it tells you the flange products to buy! Thats right! Use it, and you’ll be picking out any brand of flanges that fit like they were made just for you to use.

So, say goodbye to the “Huge Nipple” saga. With your trusty nip pump and the Nipple Queen Ruler, you’re ready to pump in comfort and empty better.

Catch ya on my next blog, and keep those nips happy!

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