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Surrogacy has become a heartwarming part of many birth stories. But with this beautiful process comes a logistical challenge: how do you bridge the miles to share the invaluable gift of breast milk? Enter Save The Milk, your dedicated breast milk shipping concierge offering affordable milk shipping. Don’t worry, this isn’t just for Surrogates and Intended Parents. This service is for everyone that needs to travel with breastmilk. The best part, shipping is not even required!

Breast Milk Shipping Made Simple and Affordable.

At Save The Milk, I understand that shipping breast milk is about more than logistics; it’s about maintaining a lifeline of nutrition and connection between a surrogate and the newborn. That’s why I’ve tailored my services to be as nurturing and dependable as the milk you’re sending.

Premier Service: The Standard Kit

The Standard Kit comfortably holds up to 30 lbs (400 oz) of liquid gold. We blend reliability with affordability to offer you pricing options that cater to your unique needs and destinations. Imagine sending your precious cargo from Maryland to California overnight for just $171, or from North Dakota to Wisconsin in 2 days for $79. For those coast-to-coast connections, we offer competitive rates like $118 for shipping from Rhode Island to California in 2 days.

The Sweet Spot: Medium Kit 

For those in-between breast milk shipping needs, the Medium Kit hits that sweet spot. It accommodatess up to 27 lbs and 275 ounces of breast milk. This kit offers capacity and price, making it a popular choice for many families. For instance, a next-day delivery scheduled for 11 PM from sunny California to Ohio is priced at just $148. While the 2nd-day air option for the same time slot is available for $89. Meanwhile, shipping from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to the serene landscapes of New Hampshire is a breeze with our next-day 2 pm delivery service at $182. A more economical next-day 11 pm delivery at $152. And for those who plan ahead, our 2nd-day air for an 11 pm delivery offers excellent value at $109.

The Compact Convenience: The Mini Kit

For smaller quantities or closer destinations, our mini kit steps up to the plate. This compact carrier accommodates up to 12 lbs (150 oz), perfect for shorter surrogacy arrangements or regular shipments. Our clients love the budget-friendly price point of $114 for overnight shipping from California to Oklahoma, and the unbeatable $28 rate for ground overnight from Iowa to Illinois.

Why Choose Save The Milk?

What sets Save The Milk apart is that I was a 5x surrogate so I have an unwavering commitment to your peace of mind. I keep the price points as low as possible and it’s my pledge to make this essential service accessible to all families, regardless of distance or budget.

Explore Our Surrogacy Shipping Solutions

I invite you to delve deeper into my surrogacy shipping services. Send me an email at [email protected], and I can provide you with a detailed quote. Discover how I can tailor shipping options to suit your surrogacy arrangement needs, ensuring that the most precious gift of all is delivered with care, respect, and love.

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