Flange Sizing During Pregnancy

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Are you swirling in the world Flange Sizing During Pregnancy? You’re not alone! This is a hot topic I get asked about daily. As you approach that magical 20-week mark of pregnancy and start exploring your options for a free pump through insurance, the question pops up: When’s the best time to measure your nipples for the perfect flange fit?

Flange Sizing During Pregnancy

The timing for sizing depends on your pumping plans:

Planning to Pump at the Hospital?

If you’re gearing up to start pumping right at the hospital, aim to size yourself after 35 weeks – closer to your due date is ideal. Just give yourself a 3-5 day cushion for product delivery. And hey, always be prepared for those little surprises life throws at you, like an early arrival! Setting up your pumping station in advance is a smart move. I gathered all the right pumping products you’ll need here.

Pumping After Returning Home?

If you’re thinking of kicking off your pumping journey post-hospital, then there’s no rush. Size yourself 3 to 5 days before you plan to start pumping. This timing is perfect, especially if you’re stepping out for appointments and need to pump on the go.

Transitioning Back to Work or School?

For those of you planning to replace nursing sessions with pumping as you head back to work or school, start ordering products 3 weeks in advance and start practicing your pumping session about 2 weeks in advance. This gives you ample time to order all the necessary parts and get comfy with your setup. Remember, the pump you got through insurance might not be your best match. You might find yourself eyeing a hands-free, wearable pump for work. Make sure to try out different flanges or silicone products to find your comfort zone.

Planning Ahead: Your Best Strategy

As you can see, a little foresight goes a long way. Take time to evaluate what you’ll need at the hospital, once you’re home, or when you’re heading back to work or school. Dive into my treasure trove of blogs covering popular pumps and flange products for more insights.

Sizing Your Nipples Made Easy

And for moms who love simplicity and clarity, get a Breast Pumping Course as your go-to guide. Size yourself at home with the Nipple Queen Ruler, anytime, throughout your entire pumping journey. Craving more personalized support? I offer Pumping Consultations, and guess what? Your insurance might just cover it!

Looking to save some pennies on pumping products? Don’t miss out on Save The Milk’s buy, sell, trade group.

Remember, you’re embarking on an amazing journey, and I’m here every step of the way to make your transition into motherhood as smooth as possible. Let’s make this pumping experience a breeze together!

Stay fabulous and prepared!

Crystal Nelson

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