Why the experts are consulting me for advice…

Lactation Consultant make pumping easier breast milk measure nipples for flange size

Hi there, I’m Crystal Nelson. I’m the owner of Save The Milk and all it has to offer to you!

I was a teen mom without any help with my lactation journey. After having 3 of my own, I went on to have 5 other babies as a surrogate. All the while I was breast pumping and I still didn’t have help. I wanted to make lactation easier.

In 2017 started offering breast milk shipping kits so anyone in the USA could get access to breast milk.

In 2018, I started flange sizing, patented the process, and even made the Nipple Queen Ruler to help moms and Lactation Consultants measure nipples for flange size properly.

At the same time, so many of the moms I helped needed a better option for inserts, so I created Pumping Pretty Inserts. These help moms who have flat, inverted, and elastic nipples.

Once again, I saw that Haakaa was causing mom issues with sagging breasts, nipple discoloration, vasospasms, pain, fissures, and thrush so I created the Pump Pod. The best part is the Pump Pod uses inserts just like a flange would. 

So, that’s me. The system failed me and I don’t want that to happen to anyone else so I find problems and do my best to provide options to fix them.



I’ve helped THOUSANDS of moms just like you experience breast pumping success!

I believe all Moms deserve standardized breast pumping care and a journey free of pain, frustration, and tears for as long as they wish to pump!


I am passionate about all things breast milk!