Do You Have Elastic Nipples

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Do You Have Elastic Nipples?

Did you know that the same hormone that stretched out our bellies to let our babies grow is responsible for our nipples being elastic? Thats right! Moms often think they have elastic nipples because their nipples are stretching quite far down their flanges. However, nipples stretching to the middle or just past the middle of the flange is quite normal. For some moms, their nipples may even hit the back of the flange and that can be normal too. The only reason to be concerned when your nipples stretch far is when:

  1. Not emptying adequately,
  2. Getting clogs,
  3. Nipples are cracked; and
  4. Overall nipple pain and discomfort. 

But often, moms will find out they don’t have elastic nipples, they are just using flanges that are too big. If you haven’t been sized yet and you are figuring it out on your own, the problem may be that the flange is too big. Having a flange that is too big allows for your areola to get sucked in. This swells the surrounding tissue with your nipple and is all sucked deep into the flanges. If this sounds like what you have going on, you are likely dealing with a Nipple Ripple.

Elastic Nipples Are elastic nipples an issue

How do you fix it?

A simple remedy is to use a smaller size flange. Using the Nipple Queen Ruler will take the guesswork out of it for you. The number on the ruler is the size product to buy. In a few easy steps, you will be given your best fit and if you do have elastic nipples we can look into using longer standard flanges, or products like Pumping Pretty Inserts, Pumpin Pals, Lacteck or Beaugen Cushions. Getting your ideal size will help you continue expressing breast milk and reach your personal goals.

In Short

Don’t suffer in silence, let me help you find a solution. If you’re looking for support, I’m a Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC) with expertise in breast-pumping evaluations. Why not book a session with me?

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