Flange Sizing in the UK

Jan 12, 2023 | Flange, Flange Sizing, How to measure nipples, Nipple Queen Ruler | 0 comments

Breast Pumping Moms in the UK

I have been sizing moms nipples for their breast pumps since late 2018. I knew USA moms needed to learn about flange sizing and I believe I have accomplished sharing this news over the last 5 years to what it has progressed today. In the mix of things, I was sizing mothers from all around the world. Unfortunately, their ability to get their hands on flanges was expensive and took quite a long time for shipping. However, the good news was that with a little time, the rest of the world has slowly been catching up.

I recently had Dr. Sharon Silberstein, Director, and Owner of The Breastfeeding Doctor, purchase the Nipple Queen Ruler. Shipping cost was high and the package took two weeks to arrive. However, she was in love with the Nipple Queen Ruler! She quickly posted on Instagram sharing her success with her clients. She also reached out to me and we started a discussion… and now she is the only distributor of the Nipple Queen Ruler in the UK! Click here to get yours!

Would you like to be a distributor for another country? Send me an email and let’s see if we can collaborate!

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