Flange Sizing: When to Measure Your Nipples

Dec 21, 2023 | cracked nipple, Irritated nipple | 0 comments

When I embarked on the journey of flange sizing five years ago, I was stepping into uncharted territory. Many lactation consultants and IBCLCs were skeptical of the methods I recommended. But there’s one piece of advice I’ve always stood by: measure your nipples right before your next pump.

Why Timing Matters in Nipple Measurement

Think about it for a moment. If your current flanges are too large, you might experience what I call the “Nipple Ripple” – significant swelling of your nipple and areola. Measuring a swollen nipple won’t give you accurate results; it’s like trying to measure your foot right after running a marathon.

The Best Approach to Measuring

So, what’s the solution? If you’re on a two-hour pumping schedule, take your measurements just before your next session.

Why Measure Before Pumping?

Imagine measuring your nipples right after a half-hour pump session. They would be swollen, leading to measurements that are a size or two too large. To get the most accurate reading for your new flange size, you need to measure when your nipples are in their natural state.

Take a look at this: if your nipple appears small in the flange, almost as if the flange is too eager to engulf your areola, then it’s a sign that the flange is too big and what you are seeing is the Nipple Ripple. Once the pump is on, the suction focuses more on the areola rather than the nipple, causing immediate swelling. 

The Risks of Using a Large Flange

Using a flange that’s too large can lead to a host of problems –  Nipple Ripple, blisters, cracks, bleeding, redness, discoloration, clogs, and even a decrease in milk supply. It can turn your pumping journey from a fulfilling experience into a painful chore. So get your pumping journey comfortable! 

Struggling with Flange Sizing?

If you’re still unsure about your flange size, let the Nipple Queen Ruler do the work. No more guesswork or adding millimeters to find your size. The Nipple Queen Ruler not only measures your nipples but also tells you the exact flange size products to purchase. So stop struggling with flange sizing, use this unique tool and make your pumping journey comfortable and efficient as possible.

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