Flanges & Dip in Breast Milk – The Switch Method ™️

Dec 19, 2019 | decreased supply, dip in supply | 4 comments

Flanges & Dip in Breastmilk – The Switch Method ™️

You finally, and properly, size your nipples using the Nipple Queen Ruler. You get very excited and hopeful that you will no longer be in pain, that your pumping time may reduce and that your breastmilk supply may increase. All you need is to try your new flanges. That day comes and you evaluate. Within seconds you can tell they are comfortable, but as the session ends, there is an issue; You can’t empty and you naturally start to freak out!

Does this situation sound familiar?
If it does, you are not alone. This is the number one issue I faced when sizing moms over the last few years. Luckily I found a solution to help them, and you! Once I started sizing moms, it became a common issue; While the new size was comfortable, they were not able to achieve the same output as they had with their old size.

The Switch Method™️
Start pumping in the new size, then mid-pump, switch to your old size. This should quickly adapt your breasts to transition to the new size. By switching mid-pump it can adequately drain your breasts. If your session is 30 minutes, switch at 15 minutes. You can adjust the timing as you see fit.

How long does it take to transition? While I had moms practice this method, I discovered that it only took 24 to 48 hours to transition to the new size. I also found that moms would have a better response with their new flanges after sleeping through the night and reattempting the Switch Method in the morning. This process of resting allows for nipple swelling to reduce and heal. 

Why does this work? If you have ever started a new exercise routine; You pick your leg day and the next day is arm day, etc… You have some soreness but to avoid overdoing it, you let your legs and arms rest for 24 hours. After a few days, your muscles will get used to the exercise. The same theory applies to your breasts, you will need to transition your breasts and nipples to the new size by doing “The Switch Method”. This is why after sleeping through the night and allowing several hours for your nipples to heal from the larger flanges, you will have a little bit of nipple shrinkage which makes switching to the new flange easier in the morning.

The Switch Method works even for moms who’ve pump just for 15 minutes at a time and those who only pump once a day. It may take a little longer but this has been a proven method I developed for moms who are faced with a dip in supply after sizing down.

For more information on how to find your ideal size flange for your pump, this will be the best place to start Pumping Pretty Support System.

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  1. Kelly jewtraw

    I’ve been recommended to you as I’m struggling a lot, due to my insurance not covering a lactation consultant at my obgyn; I have no idea what size my nipples are as I have never been measured and I’ve been using 21mm but I’m sore and feel like I’m going to end up damaging not only my breasts but my supply as well. If there is any way you could help I’d truly appreciate it, thank you for your time! ❤️🙏🥺

    • Crystal Nelson

      Sorry for the late reply, you were in my spam box. I just launched a new product yesterday that will allow you to size yourself at home and get the support you deserve from the videos and pdfs I provide. Take a look http://www.pumpingpretty.com

  2. Kristen Hyland

    This has answered the question of the dip in supply l my first time trying the size 21 inserts, thanks for that. I do have a question though- when I tried the inserts, initially they did feel much more comfortable, but toward the middle of the session they started to feel a little uncomfortable, almost like a slight burning. I kept readjusting to make sure it wasn’t rubbing, and I don’t think it was. Do you think it’s because my nipples are used to over-swelling? I’d greatly appreciate your input (also, you were highly recommended by my OB, and you’re amazing for what you do)

    • Crystal Nelson

      Your nipple will/should rub a little. Please read this savethemilk.com/i-thought-your-nipples-arent-supposed-to-rub-inside-the-flange/

      It’s possible you may need to size down. But for now, try using lube and lower the suction a little, in the middle of your session.
      I am very happy to hear your OB recommended me! Thank you so much for posting!


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