Get your stomach back!

Aug 6, 2019 | binder, compression socks | 0 comments

Get your stomach back!

Okay let me get real with you, I’ve been pregnant 5 times, one set of twins and currently pregnant. That’s a total of 7 babies! What I wish I would have known about postpartum was it was a lot easier to get your stomach back if you actually had a stomach binder. Sure, I had some knock-off Spanx from the local store but I had to put a couple on to really get the tuck I needed to get all my insides back into place! Now that I am 30 weeks pregnant I need to get ready for postpartum. I was lucky enough to come across that offers postpartum binders through insurance!!! I was ecstatic! So I went through the list of items they offered and not only did I get a binder I got the cutest compression socks. Within a few minutes, I completed my application. I got a call about three days ago saying my insurance approved my request. Then this morning I got an email back saying my shipment was on its way. I will post a picture of the items when they come in. Take a minute to see if your insurance will cover any of the items on because it is totally worth it!
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