Haakaa is Causing Pain, the Pump Pod is the Alternative

Nov 9, 2023 | Haakaa, Nipple discoloration, Pump Pod, Vasospasm | 0 comments

I understand you may have received recommendations for the Haakaa for your baby registry, and I hope it will be the perfect solution for you. It’s true that it works well for many others. However, I want to introduce you to a better product called the Pump Pod. Let’s explore why your Haakaa might be causing some issues.

1. The Haakaa has a diameter of 36mm, which is quite large. Compared to breastfeeding, even your baby’s mouth wouldn’t get that wide. This means that the Haakaa will suction your areola and nipple.
2. When pumping, it’s important to use flanges that are fitted for your unique nipple. Many moms opt to size down from the standard 24mm flange. However, the Haakaa is  36mm, and there are no smaller sizes.
3. Haakaa is not secure, which means that your baby can easily kick it off or if you set it down it can get knocked over.
4. Did you know the Haakaa puts weight on your breast as milk fills up? This can cause your breasts to sag even faster, which is something to consider if you’re concerned about the appearance of your breasts.
5. Additionally, the weight and suction can cause fissures, which can be painful and lead to infections like thrush.
6. Some moms will see their nipples change colors due to the weight and suction. If you see your nipples become red, blue, or purple, the Haakaa is causing nipple Vasospsms.
7. Lastly, all the issues listed above can create a painful experience.

The Pump Pod


1. The Pump Pod has a diameter is 24mm, just like a standard flange, this means you can use inserts with it!  Even if you didn’t want to use inserts, the 24mm is better than 36mm.
2. We know how important your pumping journey is and it starts with using the right size products for your unique nipple. You can use inserts to reduce the 24mm diameter of the Pump Pod down to 19mm, 17mm, 15mm, and 13mm.
3. The Pump Pod is used with a nursing bra or tank top in order to secure it, this will alleviate the weight, and prevent your breasts from sagging.
4. It comes with a strong plug that not even a toddler can open. In addition, each Pump Pod comes with a suction base so you can be confident it won’t get knocked over.
5. When using fitted inserts with the Pump Pod, you can prevent nipple swelling and avoid the development of fissures that may lead to infections.
6. Using a bar or tank top with fitted inserts will decrease the weight of the Pump Pod as it fills with milk and decrease swelling of your nipples which should prevent nipple vasospasms.
7. Using the Pump Pod instead of the Haakaa would effectively alleviate all the issues and pain experienced.

Don’t settle for the Haakaa, give the Pump Pod a try!

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