Hack. Make Elvie Pump Work: The Paper Towel Method

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Oh, the joys and jiggles of motherhood. I’ve been through the wringer, or should I say, the pumper, for years now, and I’ve stumbled upon some wacky yet wonderful tricks. But hold onto your nursing bras, because the Paper Towel Method takes the cake… or should I say, soaks it up?

Bring it, Bring it Back!

Let’s rewind to the golden age of 2017-2018, a time when the breast pump scene was like the Wild West, but instead of cowboys, we had two sheriffs in town: Willow and Elvie. These gadgets were our ticket to freedom, cutting the cord and letting us pump on the go, turning us into multitasking milk mavens. While Willow was busy upgrading faster than a teenager’s social media, Elvie seemed to have taken a long nap.

From what I’ve seen, Elvie’s been pretty much playing Sleeping Beauty with their pump updates. Sure, they threw in some new inserts recently, but the pump itself? Still waiting for that fairy godmother’s touch. This is where the suction saga begins, with some moms finding the pump’s grip about as strong as a newborn’s handshake—especially with inserts thrown into the mix. Enter the Paper Towel Method, our DIY fairy godmother, swooping in to snug up that flange and boost the suction, maybe…

The Data? Or Lack of it

Now, because I’m both curious and a bit of a data nerd, I threw a question out to my Facebook group: “Who’s tried the Paper Towel Method, and did it turn your pump into Cinderella or just leave a pumpkin behind?” With a whopping 52 votes cast from a sea of 39,000 moms (talk about finding a needle in a haystack), the results were… well, let’s just say, interesting. A single percent claimed victory, 14% gave it a thumbs down, and a jaw-dropping 85% were scratching their heads, wondering if the Paper Towel Method was some kind of new TikTok challenge. Click here if you want to enter the poll after trying out the Paper Towel Method.

This little experiment of mine shed light on a bigger issue—it seems like we’ve lost the art of passing down wisdom from one milk-making mama to the next. Gone are the days when the village midwife or that all-knowing grandma would share their pearls of pumping wisdom, leaving us to fend for ourselves in the wilds of the internet.

So, consider this your bat signal, mamas. It’s up to us to keep the circle of lactation lore alive and kicking. Got any other pump hacks tucked up your sleeve? Share away, because you never know who might need that nugget of knowledge. Hey, send me an email if you want me to write a blog about your hack!

The Paper Towel Method

But wait, there’s more! What exactly is this mysterious Paper Towel Method? Born from the necessity and ingenuity of desperate, sleep-deprived mothers, it’s as simple as tucking a folded paper towel into your breast shield to create a prince-charming-worthy seal, thereby turning your pump’s suction from a frog into a prince.

The Paper Towel Method Elvie breast pump hackThe Paper Towel Method Elvie breast pump hack

For those who prefer a solution that doesn’t sound like a MacGyver episode, there’s always the option of professionally designed breast pump inserts, like the Pumping Pretty Inserts. Engineered with both the pump’s mechanics and your tender tatas in mind, these inserts promise a smoother, more comfortable pump session—no fairy godmother or paper towels required.


So, there you have it, folks. Whether you’re a DIY diva or prefer the plug-and-play approach, remember, in the kingdom of pumping, knowledge is queen, aka The Nipple Queen! Share it, wear it, and let’s keep the milk flowing!

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