How to Choose Between One or Both Breasts with the Pump Pod

Nov 14, 2023 | Breast Pumping, Breastfeeding, Pump Pod | 0 comments

When deciding which breast to offer, depends on various factors. This includes your baby’s age, feeding preferences, and your milk supply. It’s important to remember that everyone will have different experiences so what works for one mom and baby may not work for another.

If you’re currently offering both breasts and your baby is satisfied and gaining weight well, there may not be a pressing need to change your routine. However, if you’re interested in using the Pump Pod to make things more convenient, stash some milk away, and, or maintain your supply, it’s worth trying and observing how your baby responds.


  1. Baby’s Age:  During the initial weeks, babies tend to nurse more often and may instinctively nurse from both breasts. As they mature, they may become better at nursing and may not require both breasts during each feeding. This is an ideal opportunity to nurse from the other breast to collect any milk that may otherwise go to waste.
  2. Baby’s Satisfaction:  If your baby appears happy and is growing well, it’s probable that they are receiving enough milk. Therefore, if you decide to switch to feeding from one breast and using the Pump Pod on the other, keep an eye on your baby’s diaper output, weight gain, and overall behavior to ensure they are still getting enough nourishment.
  3. Your Milk Supply: If you find yourself producing a bit more milk than your baby requires, you can consider offering one breast per feeding. By using the Pump Pod on the opposite breast, you can efficiently collect any excess milk that would otherwise go to waste.
  4. Comfort Level: Some babies may prefer one breast per feeding, while others may continue to want both. Pay attention to your baby’s cues and adjust accordingly.
  5. Observe for Signs of Hunger: If your baby shows signs of hunger after feeding from one breast, it may be an indication that they need more milk. In such cases, you can offer the second breast or use the Pump Pod on the opposite breast during the next feeding.


Remember that flexibility is key.  It’s okay to experiment and find out what works best for both you and your baby. If you have concerns about your baby’s weight gain, it’s always a good idea to consult with a lactation consultant or your pediatrician for personalized advice.

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