**Now accepting TriCare Insurance**


We are currently out of network for all insurance providers, with the exception of TriCare, but you may be able to submit a request to your insurance company for reimbursement. If you are booking your first appointment with us, you will be charged $60 today to hold your appointment. If this is an add-on to a previously purchased consultation, you will pay the total of the add-on in full today. If this is a follow-up appointment that you’ve already paid for, you will be able to book your future appointments without providing payment information.

After you schedule your appointment our billing department will check with your insurance plan to determine whether or not they will reimburse you for this session. If your insurance company notifies us that they will in fact reimburse you, we will charge the remaining balance to your card.

*Please note, we are not confirming the amount they will reimburse or whether or not you have a co-pay or deductible, we are simply confirming whether or not they offer reimbursement for our services.

We will then send you the form to submit to the insurance company to request reimbursement.

Please keep in mind that everyone has different insurance coverage, so reimbursement doesn’t necessarily mean your visit will be covered 100%. Coverage will vary by insurance provider and plan. You may have a co-pay or deductible. If your insurance company informs us that they will not reimburse you, we will follow up with you to determine if you’d like to self-pay or cancel your appointment with a refund.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to know what your insurance covers, and whether or not you have co-pays or deductibles.

We strongly encourage you to reach out to your insurance company prior to booking with us and confirm with them yourself that they will in fact reimburse you for our services. We will not be responsible for any miscommunications from the insurance company and will rely solely on the information we receive from them at first contact.