First-Time Mom. Get a Breast Pump

Jul 31, 2019 | Fourth Trimester, free breast pump, new mom | 0 comments

First-Time Mom: Your #1 needed item

Perhaps you are a first-time mom nearing her delivery date and you have decided to nurse. That’s awesome!! But what if things don’t go as planned? Why not be prepared? You should consider taking advantage of the free pump that is offered through your insurance.

You can call your insurance company and they often will have a list of free breast pumps to choose from. You can also go to Aeroflow to see what pumps are offered and with a few clicks of a button (seriously under 5 minutes), you can get a free pump shipped to you! The best part is that if for whatever reason your nursing journey doesn’t go as planned; you go back to work or you want to enjoy a night out with your friends… you will have a pump on hand.

When you’re done with your pump you can sell it on several Buy, Sell, Trade groups on Facebook or donate it to a mom in need.

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