Pumping Pretty Inserts 15mm


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  • Find the Perfect Fit – Our breast pump inserts are intelligently designed because they have an additional 5-7mm of length to accommodate a wide range of nipple sizes, especially elastic nipples. Whether you have flat, inverted, or elastic nipples, this silicone insert will effortlessly adapt to your unique shape,  which will provide optimal suction and maximize your milk flow.
  • Optimal Fit and Comfort – Properly fitting inserts are EVERYTHING for milk removal and comfort! Pumping Pretty Inserts come in 13mm to 19mm inserts. For 24-30mm flanges, we offer 21mm inserts. Each breast pump insert is made from soft, flexible silicone that conforms to your nipple shape.
  • Secure and Effortless Pumping – Forget about leaks and spills! Our silicone insert provides a snug and secure connection between the flange, insert, and breast. This innovative flat rim design helps avoid unwanted leaks and air gaps. So stop using traditional inserts that will cause you leaks if you have flat or inverted nipples! 
  • Compatible with Breast Pumps – Each BPA-free insert seamlessly integrates with 99% of breast pumps on the market. In fact, it works perfectly with the Original Elvie mobile pump! It fits standard breast pump flanges, like Spectra, Medela, Maymom, Nenesupply, etc, making it easy to remove.
  • Unique Design – Do you have flanges in size 24mm or larger?  Pumping Pretty Inserts are the only inserts on the market that fit in 24-30mm flanges!
  • Made by a mom for moms. Non-Corporate, Single-Owner, Minority-Owned, and Small-Disadvantaged Business.
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  • Read our blog to find out more about what products to use if you have flat and inverted nipples.


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