Pump Pod – Customizable Silicone Collection Cup and its not a Haakaa

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Pump Pod: Breastfeeding Comfort

Introducing the revolutionary Pump Pod, a game-changer in the world of breastfeeding! I am thrilled to unveil this innovative product that is set to transform your breastfeeding journey. With the Pump Pod, you can now enjoy the ultimate comfort while nursing your little one. Thanks to its unique design, you can effortlessly use inserts to enhance your pumping experience, allowing you to breastfeed on one side while manually pumping on the other. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a whole new level of ease and relaxation with the Pump Pod!

Avoiding Haakaa Pitfalls

Are you familiar with the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Clinical Protocol #36? This protocol emphasizes the importance of using breast pumps correctly to avoid any potential harm to the breast tissue and nipple area. To address this concern, I developed the Pump Pod, a unique solution that enables you to manually pump milk comfortably on one breast while simultaneously nursing your baby on the other. With the Pump Pod, you can ensure a comfortable and efficient breastfeeding experience without worrying about any potential pitfalls associated with incorrect flange size or excessive suction.

Lactation Consultant Approved

As the ABM states, using correctly fitted breast pump products is crucial. Nursing and pumping moms are cautioned against using silicone cups like the Haakaa for issues related to fissures, vasospasms, and pain. The Pump Pod is the only silicon-activated collection cup offering customization. Lactation consultants recommend selecting an appropriate flange/insert size that is fitted to your unique nipple size. This aids in comfort and efficiently expressing milk, and the Pump Pod follows the same principle. Customize the Pump Pod by using inserts in your size and placing the suction on your nipples, not the areola. This provides a pain-free experience similar to a fitted breast pump flange.

Customizable to Pump in Comfort

Experience the ultimate comfort while pumping with our customizable Pump Pod. Unlike traditional suction cups that are 36mm in diameter, our Pump Pod is designed with a smaller 24mm diameter to eliminate the pain and vasospasms commonly associated with traditional collection cups. But that’s not all – our Pump Pod is also compatible with our Pumping Pretty Inserts, available in sizes ranging from 19-13mm. With this perfect combination, you can now nurse and pump comfortably, without any discomfort or inconvenience. Say goodbye to the struggles of traditional pumping and embrace the comfort of our customizable solution.

Measure with Confidence

No need to worry if you haven’t been measured for a fitted insert before. The Nipple Queen Ruler is a convenient measurement tool designed for at-home use. Your Lactation Consultant may even have one in her office! This tool not only provides the size of the insert (or flange) you need but also offers valuable pumping tips for your specific pump. Now, pump confidently with any pump product, armed with knowledge about your flange size.

Empowering Moms: The Pump Pod Difference

So, to sum this up, the Pump Pod serves as a practical solution for breastfeeding and pumping moms, addressing issues that big corporations often overlook. My goal is to assist pumping mothers in overcoming these challenges. If you need pumping help, I’ve got you covered! Book a 30-minute session with me to get back on track on your breast pumping journey.

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