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For several years, Legendairy has stayed the course, being the company to provide moms with supplements to aid them on their pumping journey. I have used and have provided clients with coupons and referrals to Legendairy products in the past. As the company grew over the last year, I found myself not sure if they lost focus. This is my personal opinion because, unlike most readers, my job is all things breastmilk so I try to stay in the know of everything I can. This brings me to the new Duette by Legendiary Milk that is on pre-sale.

Just like the USA has Amazon, Asia has Alibaba. You can find suppliers and manufacturers that sell wholesale items and someone with a lot of money can come in, buy bulk at wholesale, rebrand the products, and boom, you now have a new product, but it’s not their own.

This is where Pumpables comes into play. There are two particular issues I see: Legendairy is claiming Liquid Silicone flanges a “unique technology” displayed on their website and marketing posts, and that they are the only company responsible for the creation of these Liquid Shields. This unique technology they are graciously sharing with the world was actually invented by others. They were, of course, brought forth by Pumpables years prior and still being sold by them today, around the world. Before that, Horigen, had a similar flange in 2017 but Pumpables improved upon it to the point they are the only USA-based supplier for these Liquid Silicone shields and Legendiary is not.

Legendairy seems to be infringing upon Pumpables trademark as they are using two names, first is “Liquid Kit” when referencing a silicone flange and they added their own name of “Fluid Kit”. How close of a name can you get when you are actually copying the product?

Why does it bother me you ask? Imagine spending a fortune on pump technology, research, circuit boards, and hiring countless employees and attorneys to help establish your company and build a brand new product like Pumpables Super Genie. You even do the research and choose to improve upon outdated silicone inserts. The final products are yours and the law stands behind you. Then comes a company, that buys a knockoff pump at $35 wholesale, knows nothing about the technology, takes your name for the flange products, and starts selling it at $215 mark up.

How would you feel?

Well, I certainly don’t feel good about this situation. I am a sole female entrepreneur and every penny I get from my work, I put back into product development. So if I had someone come in and do what Legendairy is doing to Pumpables, I would be hurt, and offended and would have to scramble to protect the brand I created.

The real reason I am hurt is not because I worked hard or took a financial risk to join the small group of pumping inventors. The real reason I would be hurt is because the breast pump community is too small for this type of competition.  Am I that naive to think we should be better? As I said, I am just a small-town mom who wants to help all pumping moms so my mission of unity is likely much different than the rest of the pump companies. However, shouldn’t we be here to invent, improve, and keep the focus of our pumping moms in mind? You, the pumping mom, should be our focus. Why should breast pump companies feel the need to, plain as day, and take credit for others’ work? This pumping community is small which means there should be room for better ideas, and improvement vs stealing names, designs, and plain old knockoff pumps.

This brings me back to 2018 when Babybuddha was knocked off by BellaBaby. They were sued and got a lot of heat from the pumping community so they took a hiatus and came back to rebrand. I hear they are starting to go out of business because their pumps are faulty and they continue to get returns if we are comparing that to Legendiary, how will they sustain a business when they are selling third-party pumps? So far Babybuddha still provides a quality pump to moms which is why they are still around. Again, just speculating.  Legendairy will do what they want but looking at the picture as a customer, it’s just not right.

Don’t get me started on Medela, you would think they would want to advance their technology to aid modern women. Does anyone remember Moxxly? This was such a great pump! I wish you would have tried it. Truly unique but Medela purchased the company with promises to help it grow and instead burned the project. What I’m getting at, is we see these larger companies taking steps towards easy profits and not having your best interest at heart. Wondering what that interest should be? To me it has always been to try to help moms empty while pumping and be comfortable doing so. What would be more important then that? Maybe it’s not to late for Legendairy to issue a truth statement just like Haakaa did this year. Did you hear about that one? Major PR nightmare. I hope that Legendairy can just be honest and work something out with Pumpables, we don’t need the competition, we just want companies to provide us with what they are best at, products they actually develop themselves.

If I had a Legendairy coupon I would share it but I have been trying to see if I could get a special discount code but they have not responded to my inquiries in a few months. You can likely get a 10% off by joining their email list. As usual, my blogs are my own thoughts and feelings, you are always free to make your own choices and keep your thoughts on all matters. No one is paying me to say anything but I do have a material connection.

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