Pumping must be so easy for you!

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Pumping must be so easy for you!

Ya right! If you’re one of the very few lucky ladies that fit into the standard 24mm or 28mm that comes with your pump then maybe it’s a little easier. Don’t get me started about the constant washing of all the parts! The special tiny scrubbers you need to buy in order to fit the tiny little duck valves and nooks and crannies of your flange. If you’re like me you may have skipped a few washes during the day and put everything in a zip lock bag and put them in the freezer or fridge until the next pump. But let’s not forget the sterilizing of all the parts too! Did you go out and buy the top of the line Wabi? That will cost you a good $150 or more. Guess what?… You get to do it all again tomorrow! But let’s go back to the ridiculous sizes that are offered with your pump. I have no idea why companies don’t make it easier on us and provide the proper size!? Well, that’s what got me here. I saw so many moms on Facebook posting about the pain, chaffing, cracking, bleeding, clogged ducts, still feeling full and overall discomfort with pumping. No Pumping Is Not Easy! I say, if you’re in pain with either pumping or breastfeeding…something must be wrong. So what is it about breast pumping that could be making it so painful? Did you size your nipple or did you just stick with the 24mm and 28mm flange the pump came with? That’s the first place you have to start because it’s 90% going to be the flange. So how do you size your nipple to get the right flange? What a great topic for my next blog! Seriously though, if you’ve read everything online and still can’t figure it out, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! That’s why I’m here to do it for you. I can size you in a few simple steps. Don’t believe me? Just read my reviews!
For more information on how to find your ideal size flange for your pump, please reach me via my website, Facebook, Instagram or text message 541-390-8649.

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