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Apr 5, 2022 | elastic nipples, Elvie, Flat Nipples, Inverted Nipples, Pumping Pretty Inserts | 0 comments

Are you one of the million moms that chose the original Elvie pump and had to get inserts to size down farther from the 21mm they offer? I purchased Elvie OG a few years ago and at the time there was only one option to size down from 21mm: Use Maymom inserts and cut them so they avoid the suction hole and also, allow them to lay flush against the 24mm flanges.

Having sized thousands of moms, I knew I was not alone with this issue. To solve the problem, I designed my own inserts that didn’t need to be cut; I named them Pumping Pretty Inserts. I made them clear so moms can see their nipples, made the rim larger so they wouldn’t allow milk to leak, and made them a little longer. Not even knowing it, I stumbled upon the fact that my design helped moms who had slightly elastic nipples, flat nipples, and inverted nipples.

After receiving Pumping Pretty Inserts, I could compare the measurements to other inserts that hit the market while I was developing my own. For example, Nenesupply, is 29mm in length while Pumping Pretty is 34mm in length. Getting feedback about Nenesupply inserts, moms have reported still having to trim them a little so they don’t cover the suction holes with Elvie OG.

As for elastic nipples, because Nenesupply is shorter all the way around, an elastic nipple will mushroom out the top of the inserts. Pumping Pretty inserts only have one notch on one side so the rest of the insert is longer than Nenesupply. When dealing with Elvie OG and the location of the suction holes, Pumping Pretty Inserts will be the better option of the two so there is less mushrooming nipple.

In addition, Nenesupply rim measures at 39mm while Pumping Pretty comes in at 60mm. This means you will have less, if any, leaking. Do you get ring marks around your areola from the smaller rim inserts? The larger Pumping Pretty rim moves the ring more towards your breast which is a lot farther from an already traumatized areola especially if you have been using unsized inserts in the past.

Pumping Pretty Inserts are flat at the opening, while other brands curve, this flat opening is what allow moms with flat and/or inverted nipples to have less air gap when pumping. Should you have flat/inverted nipples, this is not just a solution for Elvie users but likely the better option for all pump flanges.

As I have been able to look at other companies inserts, I found a solution for many problems all in one product. The Pumping Pretty Inserts may not work for all but it’s a step in the right direction.  What does the future bring? In the next few months I will be releasing inserts that don’t have the notch at all. Name undecided – but tell me if you have a good one! The inserts without the notch will be available to use with all pumps that don’t require a notch due to the suction hole placement. This it would exclude Elvie OG and Slimfit but will be suitable for Elvie Stride, Willow, Spectra, etc… and many other pumps. Moms with elastic nipples will get more length, moms with flat or inverted nipples will get less air gap and the wider rim makes it leak less then other brands.

Am I stopping my creativity? NO! I have some other awesome ideas in the works but as I am a one woman show, every idea I come up with takes time and money which is a never ending cycle! When I sell a product, the funds goes right back into my other products. So thank you to the reader that made it to the end, you are my biggest supporter!

If you would like to invest in these products, please contact me. If you would like to help in other ways, please share this blog and or links to my products.


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