Flange Inserts
More comfort, better seal, elastic nipples

More Comfort

Better Seal

Elastic Nipples

Flat Nipples


No More Pain

No More Leaks

No More Stretching

beyond the flange

No More Air Gaps


Sold as a pair in a reusable storage box

A BPA-free, food-grade silicone

Dishwasher safe

Soft, flexible material for your comfort

A larger rim that will not dig into your areola or breast

A better seal to avoid leaks

Less air gap if you have flat nipples

They add 5-7mm in length to accommodate Elastic Nipples

Can be used with many brand flanges, and many mobile pumps with the exception of Freemie SlimFit and MomCozy V1/V2

The 13, 15, 17 & 19mm inserts were designed to fit into 24/25mm flanges, including the Original Elvie pump. May be used in 26/27/28/30mm flanges.

The 21mm inserts were designed to fit into the 28mm flanges with all breast pumps (except Freemie SlimFit), including the Original Elvie pump.

**Using a flange is always our first choice.  Inserts are best used with mobile pumps. Or if you have better results with using an insert.


***Please email   [email protected] should you have issues with your order.

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