Quick Fixes to Common Breast Pumping Issues with MomMed

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At MomMed, we care about our breast pumping moms. Sometimes we can’t always get to the root of your breast pumping concerns. In our continuing effort to help you, we enlisted the expert help of Crystal Nelson, the founder of Save The Milk, a Breast Pumping Consultant, and inventor of several breast pumping products compatible with our MomMed wearable pumps!

What are the most common issues pumping moms have?


Many mothers may think the pump they selected is not best suited for them because they have pain when using it. Naturally, moms will lower the suction. However, moms likely will not be able to empty their breasts.

Blisters and cuts 

Ongoing use will irritate nipples and will end up causing friction blisters and minor cuts.

Not able to empty 

Thinking that lowering the suction will help, you will again end up thinking that the pump is not suited for you because you still can’t empty your breasts. Many will spend more money and purchase a different brand of pump but will likely face the same issues.

Do These Situations Sound Familiar? The Solution: Flange Sizing

Since 2002, Crystal has dealt with these experiences herself. She discovered that flange sizing was the solution to most breast pumping issues. In 2021, she created the Nipple Queen Ruler, an accurate way for moms to size themselves for their correct flange or insert products.

One size does not fit all

We understand the standard sizes of flanges and inserts provided may not work for every nipple. Flange sizing is one of the most important boxes to check if and when your nipples hurt or if you cannot empty your breasts. MomMed provides a 24mm flange size and optional insert sizes of 21mm, 19mm, and 17mm. Crystal offers compatible Pumping Pretty Inserts sizes 15mm and 13mm for those needing smaller.

What if you sized down, purchased different products, and still have issues? 

As much as we wish breast pumping was as easy as 1-2-3, some moms may need extra help. Mothers could be dealing with other issues like elastic, flat, or inverted nipples, insufficient glandular tissue, and mastitis, to name a few. Speaking to a breast pumping consultant like Crystal from Save The Milk, would be the best choice. She offers virtual appointments and even takes insurance.

Can I see a Breast Pump Consultant before I start pumping?

Yes. If you intend to breast pump at the hospital, Crystal recommends setting up a virtual appointment two weeks before your due date or sooner if you are at risk for preterm labor. If you don’t feel comfortable seeing someone virtually, Save The Milk offers a convenient, at your own pace, breast pumping course that comes with the Nipple Queen Ruler.

MomMed breast pump, Pumping Pretty Inserts

MomMed Pump and Pumping Pretty Inserts


If you don’t have any breast pumping knowledge, are a new mom, or have started pumping and are having issues with comfort and being able to empty your breasts, we recommend you see a Breast Pumping Consultant. They will walk you through every possible breast pumping issue you may have. Mastering breast pumping takes time; it shouldn’t take away the time spent with your baby; reach out to Crystal at Save The Milk for the solutions to your pumping problems.

Guest writer: MomMed

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