Shipping Breast Milk

At Save the Milk, I am proud to say I have been helping moms ship breast milk since 2017. My name is Crystal Nelson and I started this business after realizing shipping prices were not affordable for families in need. I wanted to find an affordable way to assist moms who needed to get breast milk for their little ones. 

As a five-time surrogate, I immersed myself in the breast pumping world. I was fortunate to ship breast milk to intended parents I was a surrogate for. Including donating my breast milk to a few other families in need. I quickly realized how many families wanted access to breast milk but the size options and costs were too high. So, I decided to take action and create different kit sizes that catered to the needs of surrogates, intended parents, Moms who travel, active duty, or those relocating; all while reducing costs. 

Not only does Ship the Milk offer small and large kits at affordable prices. I also offer shipping labels at a discounted rate through UPS!  What sets me apart is my dedication to helping moms. I ensure your breast milk is treated like it’s my own. This is more than just an 8-5 job. It’s a commitment to helping moms and their babies. I’ll be there to assist you in any way possible.  

At my company, I take pride in my commitment to providing a safe, fair, and helpful service. So, whether you’re a mom who needs our help or someone who wants to support our cause, we welcome you to our community. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted partner in shipping your breastmilk! 

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  1. Andrea Sanford

    Hi there, my co-workers daughter gave birth two weeks ago to a beautiful healthy baby. Unfortunately, the mother died Saturday from a cardiac arrest. Her family is trying to obtain breast milk to help the baby make the transition. How


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