Shipping Breast Milk Should Be Easy

Yes, it should be. But shipping breast milk can be a daunting task for anyone! That’s why I have made it simple for you. For families traveling by car or plane these holidays, moving large quantities of breastmilk is easy with Save The Milk Cooler Kits.

Our Mini Kit: These kits fit a minimum of 70oz and large enough to fit up to 150 ounces. It measures 2-inches thick using eco-friendly styrofoam to ensure your kit will stay cold or frozen for up to 48 hours.

Standard Kit: Our Standard Kit fits a minimum of 250 ounces, and up to 400 ounces. These are also 2-inches thick and will stay cold or frozen for up to 48 hours.

While these kits do keep the milk frozen past 48 hours, we know your liquid is golden and we want to ensure your milk arrives safely so we recommend the 24 to 48-hour vs 72-hours.

The best part? Both coolers are reusable, so you can use them again and again for your next road trip, a cross-country move, or a plane ride.

These kits are within your budget! You get the cardboard box, cooler, 4 Ice sheets, packaging slip (should you need to ship your milk), perishable stickers, beast milk storage bag sticker, packaging instructions, and a complimentary Save The Milk sticker for your breast pump or tumbler. The Mini Kit is $51.00 and the Standard Kit is $63.00.

Do you need to ship your breast milk to a different location?

Ship The Milk was started in 2017 because Intended Parents and Surrogates needed to ship milk on a budget. We can provide discounted shipping labels for you! Going on a business trip and need to ship your milk back home? We’ve got you! Just send us an email with zip codes and the box size you intend to use and we will get you a quote.

For more information, to get a quote or to order please click here.

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