Try the Switch Method for Successful Flange Size Transition

Dec 19, 2019 | Breast Pump, Breastmilk, decreased supply, dip in supply, Flange Sizing, increase breastmilk, Switch Method | 4 comments

Dip in Supply After Sizing Down Your Flanges 

Did you recently size your flanges down and are experiencing the frustration of not being able to fully empty or achieve the same output with your new flanges while breast pumping? You are not alone. This is a common issue that many moms face when they switch to a new flange size. However, there is a solution that can help you overcome this problem and ensure a comfortable and effective pumping experience. 

Introducing the Switch Method for Breast Pumping

  1. Attempt the Switch Method only if you did not empty with the new flanges:

The Switch Method is a simple yet effective technique to facilitate the transition to your new nipple size. Instead of exclusively using the new smaller flanges throughout the entire pumping session, break it up mid-pump by switching back to your old size. This method helps in adapting your breasts to the new size while still adequately draining them. For instance, if your pumping session is 30 minutes, consider switching to your old size at the 15-minute mark. Adjust the timing based on your comfort and preferences.

    • Use the new flanges for 15 minutes.
    • Switch to your old flanges for 15 minutes.
  • Alternatively, you can start with the old flanges and finish with the new ones. 

The Science Behind the Switch Method

Just like when starting a new exercise routine, giving your muscles time to rest and recover is essential for them to adapt and become accustomed to the new demands. Similarly, your breasts and nipples need time to adjust to the new size, and the Switch Method provides the necessary transition period for this adjustment to occur.

How long does it take to transition?

Based on my experience, moms practicing the Switch Method noticed a successful transition within the first 3 pump sessions. Additionally, incorporating a break overnight enhances the effectiveness of this method. Allowing your nipples to rest and reduce swelling overnight, making the switch to the new flanges smoother in the morning. However, if you don’t see an improvement by 48 hours, return to the larger size and stabilize your output. You may need additional assistance if you are not able to transition to the new size. As I have dedicated myself to helping pumping moms, I can provide the help you need.

The Switch Method for All Pumping Schedules

The Switch Method works even for moms who pump for just 15 minutes at a time and those who only pump once a day. It may take a little longer but this has been a proven method I developed for moms who are faced with a dip in supply after sizing their flanges down. Don’t let discomfort and low milk supply discourage you – try the Switch Method and experience the difference it can make in your pumping journey


Should you notice a dip in breast milk supply after sizing your flange size down, make your transition seamless and comfortable by incorporating the Switch Method. Enjoy the benefits of improved comfort, reduced pumping time, and potentially increased breastmilk supply. Say goodbye to the initial challenges and embrace a more efficient and pain-free breast pumping journey.

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  1. Kelly jewtraw

    I’ve been recommended to you as I’m struggling a lot, due to my insurance not covering a lactation consultant at my obgyn; I have no idea what size my nipples are as I have never been measured and I’ve been using 21mm but I’m sore and feel like I’m going to end up damaging not only my breasts but my supply as well. If there is any way you could help I’d truly appreciate it, thank you for your time! ❤️🙏🥺

    • Crystal Nelson

      Sorry for the late reply, you were in my spam box. I just launched a new product yesterday that will allow you to size yourself at home and get the support you deserve from the videos and pdfs I provide. Take a look

  2. Kristen Hyland

    This has answered the question of the dip in supply l my first time trying the size 21 inserts, thanks for that. I do have a question though- when I tried the inserts, initially they did feel much more comfortable, but toward the middle of the session they started to feel a little uncomfortable, almost like a slight burning. I kept readjusting to make sure it wasn’t rubbing, and I don’t think it was. Do you think it’s because my nipples are used to over-swelling? I’d greatly appreciate your input (also, you were highly recommended by my OB, and you’re amazing for what you do)

    • Crystal Nelson

      Your nipple will/should rub a little. Please read this

      It’s possible you may need to size down. But for now, try using lube and lower the suction a little, in the middle of your session.
      I am very happy to hear your OB recommended me! Thank you so much for posting!


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