Enhance Your Practice with Innovative Breast Pumping Solutions

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Dear Lactation Professionals,

As dedicated advocates for maternal health, you understand the pivotal role breast pumping plays in a mother’s journey. At Save The Milk, we recognize the challenges many mothers face—from discomfort and poor fit to inefficient milk extraction. That’s why we’ve tailored our products not just to meet these needs, but to revolutionize the breastfeeding experience, making it more comfortable, efficient, and supportive.

Why Choose Save The Milk Products?

Our lineup, including the Nipple Queen Ruler, Pumping Pretty Inserts, and the Pump Pod, is designed with both the mother and lactation professional in mind. These products not only address common issues but also introduce a level of customization previously unavailable in the market.

Nipple Queen Ruler:

This innovative tool ensures accurate flange sizing for any pump, helping to eliminate the guesswork and discomfort associated with improper fit.

Pumping Pretty Inserts:

Suitable for all nipple types including flat, inverted and elastic. Compatible with all major breast pump brands, these inserts come in five sizes, guaranteeing a perfect fit and maximizing pumping efficiency.

Pump Pod:

A unique solution that reduces discomfort, vasospasms, swelling, and the risk of nipple trauma, compatible with the Pumping Pretty Inserts to provide a seamless pumping experience.

Enhance Your Retail Offerings

Integrating Save The Milk products into your practice or retail space not only enhances your service offering but also positions you as a leader in providing cutting-edge, empathetic solutions for breastfeeding moms. Our products are not just tools; they are part of a movement toward a more informed, supportive, and effective breastfeeding experience.

Join Us in This Journey

We invite you to explore the potential of these products in your professional practice. Whether you’re consulting in a hospital, running a private practice, or managing a retail space, Save The Milk products can significantly enhance your ability to support nursing and pumping moms.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our products can benefit your practice or for bulk purchasing options, please reach out at [email protected] or call 541-390-8649. Let’s work together to make breastfeeding a positive, empowering experience for every mother you support.

With gratitude and support,

Crystal Nelson, CLC
Founder, Save The Milk

Your partnership can make a significant difference. Together, we can ensure that no mother struggles unnecessarily during her breast pumping journey.

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