Blistered Nipples . Why Do You Need the Right Size Flange?

Jul 8, 2019 | consultation, cracked nipple, decreased supply, Flange Sizing, Irritated nipple, Nipple Queen Ruler | 0 comments

Are you dealing with issues like blistered nipples? Read below to get some insight and solutions.

Imagine This

Imagine you want to bake a cake just for one person but you have a tin that’s large enough to feed eight people, but you decide to use it anyway because it’s all you have. Your cake is going to be dried out, edges cracked and what should have been a cute plump morsel of cake is ruined because the tin was too large. 

The same principle applies to your flange, use a size too large and you can end up with sore, bleeding, cracked, blistered nipples which can lead to thrush and mastitis. When you are in pain and can’t empty, the clogs can lead to mastitis because you aren’t getting the proper suction with your flanges. The result is you’re still in pain and your supply is going to decrease.

With proper size, you should be able to pump in comfort and be able to empty. That should be the two things to focus on throughout your pumping journey. If you need assistance with sizing, I developed the Nipple Queen Ruler so that you can size yourself at home. The thing that sets this tool apart from the rest is that it doesn’t tell you your nipple size, rather, it tells you the flange/insert size to buy. You may see a lot of other companies, even breast pump companies, have sizing tools, unfortunately, these tools have you adding 3-4mm to your nipple size and that is too much of a guessing game. Rest assured, I am one of the original flange sizing companies focusing on your effective milk removal while pumping in comfort. 

If you are unsure of your flange size, what products to use, or just need support throughout your journey, come join our Facebook community. 

Welcome to the Save The Milk family! 


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