Breast Pumping Consultant❤ Saving all the nipples!

Breast Pumping Consultant❤ Saving all the nipples!


Here To Help

About me

My name is Crystal. I'm a mother of three and I've also carried four babies via surrogacy. I am passionate about all things breast milk but I found my calling fitting women's breast pump flanges. I was seeing so many mothers in pain from being improperly sized so I decided to educate myself and help.  Since using my first pump in 2002, I learned how hard it was to use a breast pump.  A painful struggle for many women, has become my passion to pass on my knowledge to the next woman so she can continue her pumping journey. A very important step is getting the right size flange. Get in touch with me today to get a proper fitting and see how Save The Milk can help your pumping journey.

Why me?

Each of my clients is provided with One Week of services giving you the adequate time and guidance you deserve to help you on your pumping journey. This involves a simple process I have developed to be easy and accurate in four simple steps:

1. You will send me a few pictures of your current flanges.

2. Tell me what size you currently use.

3. Get ready to be sized!

4. Once your new flanges come in we will see how you are enjoying the new fit.

Don't get stuck using the wrong size flange. Take this simple and simple step to get your pumping journey back on track.  I will guide you through the process in just four steps.


Things to Look For


1. Is your nipple red, cracked and irritated? 

2. Is your areola being pulled into the tunnel with your nipple? 

3. Is your nipple and areola changing colors like white or purple? 

4. After pumping do you still feel “full”?

 If you answered yes to any of the items above, it sounds like you need to get properly sized.  

Did You Know

  • Using a dual pump is more effective than using one. Both breasts will let down at the same time and if you're not using a dual pump you lose valuable milk in your breast pad. You can try using a Haakaa to catch the liquid gold.  

  • Depending on the pump you have, it's a good idea to start pumping at a faster speed when you first hook up and slow down after your let-down. This is  similar to what your baby does when she breastfeeds. 

  • Stop staring at the pump! You will drive yourself crazy and that can cause frustration and hinder your milk production. Instead look at your baby, watch cute kitten videos, listen to music or call a friend. 

  • Standard flanges are usually 24mm and you will need to buy substantially smaller such as a 21mm to 13mm. The best companies to provide smaller sizes are Maymom and Nenesupply.