I’m thrilled to share the launching of a new product this July. If you’re familiar with the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Clinical Protocol #36, you may already know that using breast pumps with the wrong flange size or too much suction can harm the breast tissue and nipple area. It’s also important to note that page 368, h., advises against using silicone breast pumps filled with Epsom salt, as they can cause skin issues like maceration, hyperemia, and edema.

What does this mean?

It is always crucial to use correctly fitted breast pump products, and moms are now being advised against using silicone cups such as Haakaa for issues related to clogged milk ducts or mastitis. If you are a mom looking for a different silicone collection cup, there is a new option, the Pump Pod! Lactation consultants are trained to assist clients in selecting the appropriate flange/insert size for comfortable and efficient pumping. And the same concept applies when using the Pump Pod. It is customizable, so moms can use inserts in their size and place the suction on their nipples rather than their areola, just like a breast pump flange.

A fitted silicone collection cup eliminates the pain and vasospasms often experienced with traditional collection cups. The Pump Pod is 24mm in diameter and designed to work with Pumping Pretty Inserts, available in sizes ranging from 19-13mm. If you haven’t been measured for a fitted insert before, don’t worry! You can now do it from the comfort of your own home. I have developed the Nipple Queen Ruler, a measurement tool providing the size of the insert (or flange) you need, and it also comes with valuable pumping tips.

The Pump Pod is a practical solution for breastfeeding and pumping moms, addressing issues that the big corporations often overlook. My goal is to help to pumping mothers overcome these challenges.

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