4 Top Secret Tips for Succeeding as a Stay-at-Home Mompreneur

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Mompreneurs — chances are you may have friends who have taken on this title. SideHustleNatoin.com defines a mompreneur as a mom who is rocking it in the small business world. If you’d like to take a leap into the world of entrepreneurship for yourself, you should know confidence is key! You should also know that you’ve totally got what it takes to succeed, including these insider tips from Save The Milk.

Make Sure Payroll and Invoicing Is Covered
If you intend to hire employees to help out with your home-based business, then you’ll need to get familiar with the ways of payroll. At first it may seem simple, but after digging under the hood a little, you’ll discover that payroll can get pretty complicated. Fortunately, there are services available that can help you manage and track all the important information you need about your payroll. Reduce the risk of invoicing errors by using software like QuickBooks software, which allows you to quickly and accurately create invoices. With batch invoicing, you’ll be able to easily send multiple invoices and create duplicate invoices for similar customers.

Flex Your Skills
Do you have experience working with tech? If so, you could always set up a home business that provides IT services to other small businesses. These services are always in demand, and it’s pretty simple to provide support from your home. Eventually, you could even hire staff to help. By the way, you can also put some of your mom skills to work with your new business. If, as one example, you crush it when it comes to crafts and treats for your kids, you could always earn some extra cash whipping up those same creative products for other people. Always getting complimented for your family photos or for the eloquent captions that go with those pics? Then you could also create a successful business with photography or writing.

Protect Your Happiness
Being a stay-at-home mom and a busy business owner all at once can be pretty stressful. This is why it’s also important for you to pick a business idea that will make you happy. Thankfully, according to InHerSight, tech jobs rank as some of the best jobs for moms when it comes to career satisfaction, so you could consider a web development or software engineering startup. Another hack for keeping stress levels low and satisfaction levels high is to create some real work-life balance.

Work Your Network
Creating a work-life balance is so essential but first, you’ll also need to put some hard work into finding those all-important first customers. You may have already guessed that using your social networks is a great place to begin — plus, this form of marketing is absolutely free! If you’re savvy with social media, you can also use it to dig up helpful data about your target audience. If you need some outside help in this area, use online job boards like Upwork to find top talent like Instagram marketing agencies.

Since you should also have a small business website complete with SEO, you can also ask your customers to leave reviews that will boost your ratings and profits. Research shows that even a half of a star on your Google page can mean the difference between a slightly empty restaurant and one that is fully booked every single night. That same rule applies to other small businesses, even if you are planning on opening a tech business and running it out of your home.

With a little inspiration and some hard work, you can go from stay-at-home mom to mom boss in no time. Use your tech talents or search for ways to translate your experiences as a mom into a successful small business idea. You already know the meaning of hard work, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and become a mompreneur.

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