Breastmilk Business. Step 3. The Right Patent Attorney

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A few years back, I developed two breast pumping product ideas and sought a reliable attorney to assist me with the patent filing. However, I later discovered that I could have saved a significant amount of money if I had taken the time to shop around for a better deal. I wanted the process done quickly and was eager to hire an attorney. Initially, I preferred to work with someone local. However, I realized that if I ventured beyond my usual preferences, I could find services at a more affordable rate. For my legal representation, I chose a well-known attorney who had worked with successful companies, including those featured on Shark Tank.

I spent $2,500 on the Provisional Application and another $5,000 to file the Non-Provisional Application a year later. Since I had two products, I had to multiply that amount by two, which totaled $15,000. I had to obtain an SBA loan to cover these costs and am still making the payments. The expenses associated with starting a business can be overwhelming and emotionally draining. An investment like this can make or break a startup.

In 2022, I had planned to hire the same attorney again, but I received a message from Pitch Scientific on LinkedIn offering Patent and Trademark services. I was initially hesitant because the company was based in India. To ensure their legitimacy, I asked for references and conducted a thorough Google search on the company and owner. I discovered that the owner had obtained a degree from a university in India and the USA. After further research, I felt assured they were a reliable company. Their LinkedIn profile had been active for a while, and they had received several recommendations. I decided to take the leap and sign up on March 9, 2023. The Non-Provisional patent was filed on May 25. The owner was actively involved in the entire process and easily understood my requirements. What I appreciated most was that I didn’t have to pay anything upfront until it was time to file. Plus, the payment was processed through Paypal, which made me feel more financially secure.

I paid only $1,500 to work with Pitch Scientific. It’s shocking that I wasted so much money on a US attorney, totaling $12,000 with interest on the SPA. I could have avoided this debt if I had discovered Pitch Scientific sooner. My business would have failed if my husband hadn’t been able to provide financial support. I regret not having had a mentor from the start to guide me and prevent these errors. If you’re considering filing for a patent, I recommend seeking advice from Pitch Scientific.

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