Are you struggling with pumping?

  • Are your nipples cracked, red and irritated?
  • Are you experiencing breast or nipple pain with pumping?
  • Are your areola’s being pulled into the funnel with your nipple?
  • Are your nipples and areola discolored after pumping? Do they turn white or purple or appeared bruised?
  • Does it take longer than 30 minutes for you to pump?
  • Do you still feel full after pumping?

What if I told you that Size matters?

Breast pump flange size, that is!

Did you know…

That most moms are using the wrong size flange?

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, there is a good chance it is entirely related to the size of your flange.

That most of the common online sizing guidelines are wrong?

The guidelines you find online take a one size fits all approach. As us moms know, there is no one size fits all to work for our breasts.

That pumping doesn’t have to hurt?

It doesn’t have to, and it shouldn’t! Pumping should be a comfortable experience that produces the perfect amount of liquid gold for your baby.

That the flange size you need may change after the initial fitting?

Your nipples may be swollen from using the wrong size. Once you are sized correctly, you may need to adjust that size again within the following few days once the swelling has decreased.

That I’ve helped thousands of women find comfort in pumping?

I have personally helped these frustrated moms find the right fitting flange, eliminate their pain and discomfort and even improve their milk supply.

How can we help you?

Flange Sizing Consultations

Custom Flange Fitting

We use a proprietary method to fit you for the custom-sized flange to help eliminate your pain and increase your milk production.

Week-long Support

We know this can be a very emotional time for a new mom. We will always be sure you are getting the support you need.

Extended Support Available

We don’t want anyone to feel like they are on their own. We are here to support you in your breast pumping journey for as long as you need us!

One Stop Shop

You can purchase your new flanges and other pumping accessories right here on our website. Inserts, Beaugen Cushions, Pumpin Pals, pump parts, etc.   Your items will be shipped directly to your door. Check out our shop for more info.

Tons of Resources

We have provided a long list of resources right here on our website as well as in our various Facebook groups. From pumping to postpartum and milk donation- whatever you need, we’ve got you covered!

A Community of Moms 

We have an incredible community of moms in our Facebook group. Ask questions, make new friends, support each other through the tough times, and celebrate the joys of motherhood together.