Elvie Users. Are Your Nipples Really Elastic?

Mar 21, 2021 | elastic nipples, Elvie | 0 comments

So many moms tell me their nipples are elastic when they use Elvie. But that is likely not the case.

You can see from the picture above that ordinary flanges are longer and the suction hole is located far away from the tube itself so it does not interfere with the nipple. This means that when you are pumping you don’t loose suction. Looking at the Elvie flanges in comparison, they are shorter and the two tiny suction holes, you likely didn’t even know they were there, are located near the middle of the flanges. This doesn’t leave much room for your nipples to extend like some moms need and how other normal flanges provide room. Then because the suction holes are near the middle of the flange, when the suction is turned on, your nipples can block these holes, reducing the suction, causing milk to back up in the green backflow protector and reduce the amount of milk you pump.

How to combat this issue?

If your nipples measure for 24mm flanges, you can use the new Legendairy 24mm silicon flanges inside the 28mm Elvie flanges. You will push them in until they reach, but don’t cover, the suction holes. Using a little lube can be helpful. Legendairy has not released their 21mm or 19mm as of yet. 15% off code: STM#1

But if you measure for 19mm or below then you would want to use inserts from Maymom or Freemie inserts. I provided a helpful video showing you how to size down using those inserts here.

Last resort situation?

BeauGen Cushions help you size down and to hold your tissue back. These can help your nipples stay clear of the suction holes but will require you to purchase them often. These are temporary products. You can learn more on how to use them with Elvie, here. 10% off code BC-savethemilk

Lacteck Baby Motion Flanges for the moms with true elastic nipples requiring sizing down 15mm to 19mm. You will want to review the video on how to cut the inserts as it is very similar to cutting them as Maymom and Freemie. For help understanding how Lacteck sizes, please read this blog. 10% off code SAVETHEMILK211

Feeling overwhelmed?

I don’t blame you. The best place to start is by knowing what size is right for you. You may not know what that size is but by booking a sizing with us, we can help assist you not only in the size you need but we can help you determine what product you may respond to better. So don’t be overwhelmed, we are here to help.

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