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The Big Day

Yesterday was a big day. It was embryo transfer day! My sister flew in from California on Saturday, that was a big mess (boo on you Alaska Airlines!). Flights were delayed, transferred and repurchased, it would have been better if she drove! At least she made it. I was able to hang out with her for a few days in my hometown. Then we went to Portland which is about 3 hours from my home in Redmond for the transer. We had some great food and even got a chance to try Voodoo Donuts! We did a little shopping and by 12:25 pm it was time to start drinking 1 liter of water to get my bladder nice and full for the doctor to be able to raise my uterus to do the embryo transfer.

The IVF Embryo Transfer

I got to Oregon Reproductive Medicine and quickly got to the room to change into my hospital gown and they check my bladder… guess what? It’s too full. The nurse hands me a cup and says pee and stop when you get to the top. It wasn’t too bad, really happy to just pee! Go back in the room wait another half an hour and they check my bladder again… it’s still too full! She handed me another cup and that one was a little harder to control! Haha.

Then we were ready, I got wheeled back to the sterile room where I put my feet up in stirrups and just like a Pap (but doesn’t hurt) the doctor inserted a tiny catheter in my uterus and released one tiny boy embryo, grade 5AA (perfect grade). It was that simple, about 10 minutes. I went back to the room and laid down for another half hour and then was able to get my clothes on and get wheeled to the hotel across the street where I got to lay in bed at a 45-degree angle for 48 hrs. I am only allowed to get up to pee. Looking back at my last successful transfer in 2017 I remember having a lot of gas… and the same thing is happening now. I don’t want to overthink it but I CAN’T HELP IT! I hope it’s a good sign.  

Update, I’m pregnant! 

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