Things to Look For


1. Is your nipple red, cracked and irritated? 

2. Is your areola being pulled into the tunnel with your nipple? 

3. Is your nipple and areola changing colors like white or purple? 

4. After pumping do you still feel “full”?

 If you answered yes to any of the items above, it sounds like you need to get properly sized.  

Did You Know

  •  Using a dual pump is more effective then using one. Both breasts will let down at the same time and if your not using a dual pump you lose valuable milk in your breast pad. You can try using a Haakaa to catch the liquid gold.  

  • Depending on the pump you have, it's a good idea to start pumping at a faster speed when you first hook up and slow down after your let-down. This is  similar to what your baby does when she breastfeeds. 

  • Stop staring at the pump! You will drive yourself crazy and that can cause frustration and hinder you milk production. Instead look at your baby, watch cute kitten videos, listen to music or call a friend.