Flange Sizing and Dip in Breast Milk Supply – The Switch Method

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Flange Sizing and Dip in Breast Milk Supply – The Switch Method

You finally found someone that was able to help properly size your nipple for your ideal size flange. You get very excited and hopeful that you will no longer be in pain, that your pumping time may reduce and your breast milk supply may increase and all you need is to wait for your flanges to make their way to you. That day comes and you try them out and evaluate. You start your pump and within seconds you can tell they are so comfortable compared to your old size but there is an issue and you start to naturally freak out! Your milk is slow to come out! Does this situation sound familiar? If it does, you are not alone. This is the number one issue I was faced with when sizing moms. Luckily I found a solution to help them and you.

Once I started sizing moms, it became a common issue that while the new size was comfortable, they were not able to achieve the same output as they had with their old size. What I then had moms do was start pumping in the new size then mid pump, switch to their old size. This would essentially train their breasts to get used to the new size and by switching mid pump it would adequately drain their breasts. What I also discovered by having moms do this process was that it only took 24 to 48 hours to transition to the new size. Not only did I discover the short time frame it took to transition but moms would have a better time with their new sizes after sleeping through the night and attempting “The Switch” again in the morning.

So, why does this work? Do you remember when you first started a new exercise routine; You pick your leg days then the next day its arm day, etc… This is because you will experience a lot of soreness and will need to switch the muscles you exercise. However, after a few days, your muscles will get used to the exercise and you can increase your time and weight. The same theory applies to your breast, you will need to transition it to the new size by doing “The Switch”. This is why after sleeping through the night and allowing several hours for your nipple to heal from the larger flange, you will have a little bit of nipple shrinkage which makes switching to the new flange easier in the morning. The Switch works even for moms who pump just for 15 minutes at a time and those who only pump once a day. It may take a little longer but this has been a proven method if you are faced with a dip in supply after sizing down.

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