How to use BeauGen Cushions with Elvie OG 

Jan 4, 2021 | Beaugen Cushions, Pumping Pretty Inserts | 2 comments

Updated 2022: I released my own invention of inserts to help moms with Elastic and Flat Nipples to resolve these issues below! Click HERE to see them!

We discussed how wonderful BeauGen Cushions are to use with so many pumps. However, using the Elvie pump with BeauGens gets a little technical. 

Let’s go over the issue that many Elvie users have and that is the flanges for Elvie have short tubes. If you have been sized by Save The Milk, you will discover that not everyone has elastic nipples and in fact, only a few moms actually do. But for those that actually do, your nipples will extend to the very end of the short Elvie flanges and block the suction holes and reduce the suction.  

The tiny suction holes are located under the green disc, near the end of the flanges. This is where the BeauGen Cushions come in to play. The Beaugens will reduce the size of the Elvie flanges by 2mm if using them the standard way (Not Turtlenecked). So, in the 28mm they become 26mm, in the 24mm they become 22mm and in the 21mm they become 19mm.  This can, but not always, block the tiny suction holes located under the green disc. It is always important to test the BeauGens Cushions with the Elvie flanges first. They do not always block the suction holes; this is largely depending on the shape of your nipples and the size of the flanges you are using the BeauGen Cushions in.  

What happens if the BeauGen Cushions block the suction holes? You will want to first see if you can gauge how much of the BeauGen’s will need to be trimmed off. In my experience it is roughly 1mm to 2mm.  

You should know, once you cut the Beaugen Cushions it will become difficult to try the Turtleneck Method in the future. If this seems scary to you to cut a product you just paid for… you are not alone. So, take the guesswork out of it and let us at Save The Milk help size you and provide the support you need to get the sizing done right the first time.  

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  1. Colleen Jaurequi

    I would like help sizing for my beaugen cushion that I will mostly be using for my Elvie pump. I currently have a 21mm flange

    • Crystal Nelson

      The BeauGen Cushions are one size fits most so if your nipple size fits 19-24mm, these will be good to use and really don’t require a flange fitting as you can use them many ways to see how well you respond to them. I would first use them in the 24s. If you have 21mm flanges, give them a try with those. If you feel the BeauGnes are still too big, you can proceed to fold them inside the 24mm and 21mm. If you need more help with flange sizing, this is a great place


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