New Baby, New Business, New Challenges

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In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of mothers who start their own businesses in order to combine part-time work and full-time parenting. Starting a business can seem like a daunting task when welcoming a new addition to the family. But it doesn’t have to be as long as you’re prepared and armed with the facts.

One of the concerns most new working mothers face is how to handle feedings when work or other responsibilities interfere with nursing time. Save The Milk is a website that helps mothers learn from other mothers how they worked through problems, issues, and concerns with feeding, pumping, storing, and all things lactating. They inspire with their successes and give advice to those who need it. Here, they offer some business tips for new moms as they take on the challenge of being a mompreneur.

Babies and Business
Whether it’s a spouse, a family member, or a hired sitter, understand you will need help. If you choose to hire a sitter, there are online resources like that can offer references and background checks.

Organization is essential
A place for everything and everything in its place must be your mantra. Clutter can creep up on you and before you know it, you can be overwhelmed by it, causing you to become anxious and stressed.

Understanding the Business of Business
Learn what steps you need to take and in what order, like developing your business strategy, choosing a business structure, picking a name, registering it, and more. You can learn the steps by following guides that can walk you through the process.

Next, formulate a business plan. A business plan is your roadmap to how you’ll begin your business, how you’ll implement the processes, where you’ll get funding, and what your long- and short-term goals are. You can find professional business plan writers or you can find an online template that can guide you in creating a professional-looking resume yourself. How you structure your business is important as well. Many entrepreneurs choose to structure their businesses as an LLC since it protects your personal assets, is easy to do yourself online, offers a reduced tax burden, and requires less paperwork.

Getting Your Business Off the Ground
Marketing is key, it’s the invitation to the party. There are several ways to market yourself, but they will all need a place to land and that will be your website. Digital marketing depends on you having one, and your customers expect a business they use to have a website. It’s where you’ll showcase your products, generate sales, build your brand and create credibility.

What your website looks like, how user-friendly it is, and how well it represents your brand is critical to the success of your business. A professional website developer can be a valuable asset, however, it can be an expense many new business owners don’t have a budget for. It is possible to make your own site, though, and there are many user-friendly applications that can walk you through that as long as you are prepared to put in some long hours on it.

A great at-a-glance infographic on your website can give your customers a lot of information in an easy-to-read and understandable format. Many businesses use them for just that reason. You can use this infographic template to create your own for free. Once you choose a template, you can personalize it by adding your own text, colors, background, and design elements.

Look for Free Tools
There are many tools you can find online to help streamline how you do business, like process mapping tools to have everyone on the same page that you can see at a glance. You can download invoice making templates that you can custom design yourself to keep track of outstanding debt. You can even create your own business cards with online business card templates, saving you time and money by keeping everything in-house.

Caring for a baby while running your own business can be exciting, rewarding, and, of course, exhausting. Make sure you take time for yourself, rest when you can, and don’t forget to hang up the “closed for the day” sign when the workday ends.

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