Nipple Sizing with Lacteck Baby Motion Flanges 

Dec 3, 2020 | Lacteck | 2 comments

Lacteck Baby Motion flanges are a great alternative to the standard hard plastic flanges that come with our pumps. They are a soft silicone based material that compresses the nipple while pumping. Obviously this is so much more wonderful then the hard plastic. However when it comes to sizing you should know that they are not true to size. 

Lacteck come in sizes 27mm, 24mm, 21mm, 18mm and they just released the 15mm. From helping thousands of moms we have all discovered that all their flanges are roughly 2mm larger than advertised.

  • 27s they fit like a 28/29mm,
  • 24mm fit like a 25/26mm,
  • 21mm fits like a 22/23mm, and
  • 18mm fit like 19/20mm.

I have heard reports that the 15mm follow the same path so we can expect them to fit like 16/17mm but that has yet to be determined. The 15mm Baby Motion flanges just became available April 2021. 

Be aware that if you do get Lactack Baby Motion Flanges you will need base connectors for pumps like Spectra, BabyBuddha, BellaBaby, ect… They require two piece connectors like the ones found for Medela and Lansinoh pumps. You can find them here. 

So when you are choosing which size to get, this little tip of knowledge will come in handy. Still don’t know what your flange size is? Schedule a consultation where we can take the guesswork out for you and get you to the exact flange size you need regardless of the pump or products you chose. use code SAVETHEMILK213 for 10% off 

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  1. Amanda

    I found this article after ordering these flanges. They are really comfortable but after reading this wondering if I should have sized down? I was recommended a flange size 21mm which of these should I g by be using the 18mm or 21mm. I pump exclusively with the Elvie.

    • Crystal Nelson

      If you find that the size you are using is comfortable and allows you to empty, then there is no reason to change sizes.


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