Postpartum Hair Loss

Jan 13, 2020 | postpartum hair loss | 1 comment

Postpartum Hair Loss

Thursday morning as I was brushing my hair I noticed a lot more was falling out than normal. Throughout the day I had hair sticking to my clothes, bed, and pillow and by Friday I was full-on reminding myself that this must be postpartum hair loss. What I didn’t like was that in prior years I had black hair and I could at least see it falling out and I could pick it up and put it in the trash. But just recently I dyed my hair blond and now it was difficult to see the hair but I could tell it was there as I could feel it touching my skin, falling down my back and finding it in my butt crack was just awesome (full-on sarcasm). Well, this is just great, I now realize that I am to the day three months postpartum. I should have put an alarm on my phone because this is just too much of a coincidence that my hair falls out the moment three months hit. I hadn’t planned on any special soaps or shampoos yet but since that time has come I might as well order Nioxin to prevent further damage to my chemically treated hair. My previous delivery of twins was in 2017 and my hair didn’t start falling out until 4 months. So needless to say I was super bummed out that my thick long hair was soon going to be thin, and I was going to be faced with a receding hairline, oh yay (yes… Sarcasm again). So happy three month birthday to my surrogate baby! Thank you for the lush hair you gave to me in 2019, I am totally looking forward to being bald in 2020 ❤
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  1. thia

    been there! I started a postpartum hair vitamin from a company called baby blues – it has a lot of vitamins and minerals and its actually been really effective with slowing the hair shedding. I have to order it ( but definitely recommend.


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