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The Nipple Queen Ruler™️ is the most precise flange sizing tool on the market and the only measuring tool that will determine the size YOU need, AND what products that size requires for YOUR pump, without having to do any crazy mathematical conversions... YOUR size is listed for you right on the ruler!

  • Finally, get sized correctly, in seconds
  • No more crazy mathematical equations- your size is indicated directly on the ruler
  • Increase your milk supply & extend your pumping journey
  • Find the flanges that were meant for you and your nipples
  • Save your nipples from unnecessary pain
  • Start to enjoy your pumping sessions, instead of dreading them
  • Have more time to spend with your baby, rather than being strapped to your pump

How is this different from all of the free sizing methods I can find online?

Unfortunately, we’ve found (as have all of our moms) that these resources are simply wrong for the majority of pumping moms. They think that we are “one size fits all”. Other tools don’t educate you on what comes next, or what products you may need to make your pump work for you! With The Nipple Queen Ruler™️, you can relax knowing that you will FINALLY be sized correctly. You will know your size for ANY pump(s) you may use. For our moms who also select our Pumping Pretty™️ Breast Pumping System, you will learn what other products you may need, and where to find them. You will know what comes next- what to expect as your journey continues, and you will have the peace of mind that you're finally doing what you set out to do for your baby!

How does the Nipple Queen Ruler Work?

After years of experience helping moms size themselves, we turned our proprietary method of sizing into a ruler. These measurements were compiled after sizing thousands of women with all different types of nipples. Once you know your size, you’ll be able to refer to our chart to know exactly what you need for your specific situation. We even cover how to size flat and inverted nipples. Finding your correct flange size is half the battle, but if you find yourself needing more support, check out our Pumping Pretty™️ System which will answer all of your questions and offers a private Facebook Group with direct support from Crystal (Owner of Pumping Pretty™️, The Nipple Queen Ruler™️ & Save The Milk™️).

What if my baby isn’t even born yet?

This is the perfect time for you to learn all there is to know about Pumping. Getting sized correctly now, and educating yourself about this process will save you a lot of pain and stress later on. It’s never too soon to start preparing for that new baby so when they arrive you can spend your time snuggling and loving on them rather than researching how to make your pumping experience better. Sizing yourself closer to your due date is better. If you want to know about ALL things breast pumping and not just your correct size, please check out our Pumping Pretty™️ Success System.

What if I don’t know what type of pump I’ll be using, or have multiple pumps?

That's perfectly fine! We provide information on any pump you might use and any accessories you may need to go along with it. Once you get sized correctly, you’ll have all of the information you need to purchase the right accessories for the pump you get. For a more thorough list of recommended products, supplements & accessories, check out our Pumping Pretty™️ System, which will answer any questions you may have about pumping and/or products.

I have elastic, flat, or inverted nipples, will this work for me?

YES! All nipples are NOT created equal, and that’s ok! We don’t treat our moms with a one size fits all approach. We know that everyone has different bodies and different circumstances. If you aren't sure about your nipples, in particular, you'll want to check out our Pumping Pretty™️ System, where you'll get all of the answers to your pumping questions, and you will understand your nipple type and what works best for YOU!

How long will this take to “work”?

On average, our moms see improvements the moment they use their new flanges. The moment you experience pumping with the correct products, and you realize the pain is gone, all of the stress, guilt, and overwhelm just melts away. Within a few days, many moms also see increases in their supply.

What if I get stuck and need more support?

If you find yourself longing for more support and attention, you can check out my Pumping Pretty System where you'll get all of the answers to your pumping questions. You'll also get access to a private Facebook group where you'll join a community of other moms just like you, and have direct access to Crystal (Owner of Pumping Pretty™️, The Nipple Queen Ruler™️ & Save The Milk™️) for additional support.

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