Standard Shipping Kit


With our Standard Shipping kit, you can ship between 200-400 oz. of breastmilk weighing between 23-30lbs 

FREE shipping to a single location within the US (excluding Alaska, Puerto Rico & Hawaii)!

Standard Shipping Kit includes:

  • Styrofoam cooler sheets that fit inside the shipping box- are 1.5” thick
  • Inside dimensions are 16x10x10″ (1600 Cubic Inches), 2″ thick foam
  • Outside shipping box dimensions are 20x14x14″
  • 4 large ice sheets
  • Milk should stay frozen (or slushy) and should stay/ship safe for 48 hours. In the hot summer months, it’s recommended to ship overnight
  • Do not exceed 30 lbs
  • Re-Usable coolers and Ice sheets (don’t throw them away, reuse them!) Sustainable & recyclable ♻️ products

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