A customizable suction activated

silicone collection cup

For ANY size

The Pump Pod is NOT like the others!  Because we know that all moms are unique and that size matters!  Your flange size that is.  We’ve been helping moms since 2018 and 99.9% of the moms we’ve sized have nipples that fit a 24mm flange or smaller.  The other silicone collection cups on the market are sized at 36mm, which will swallow your areola whole.  And we all know the damage that can be done if you’re pumping with the wrong size and pulling your areola into the flange.  Pain, swelling, lower supply, and more.  That’s why we’ve created the Pump Pod, and sized it at 24mm like standard flanges that come with most electric pumps.  But, the best part is that our Pumping Pretty Inserts™️ fit perfectly inside the Pump Pod so you can get a customized fit for YOUR nipples.

What is it?

The Pump Pod is a Customizable Suction Activated, Silicone Collection Cup. You can use it as a manual hand pump when on the go or use it on one breast while you nurse on the other.  Never lose another drop of that liquid gold again.

Why is it different?

Unlike other suction-activated cups, the Pump Pod is Customizable and designed to be fitted to your unique nipple size, much like a flange. For example, if you use a size 17mm flange with your electric breast pump then you would want to use the 17mm Pumping Pretty Inserts with the Pump Pod.

Why is it better?

Using the right size insert with a milk collection cup is just as important as it is when using your standard electric pumps.  The other milk collection cups on the market are sized at 36 mm which is way too large for the majority of moms, and too large to use with standard inserts.  Our Pump Pod is sized at 24 mm, and our Pumping Pretty Inserts fit perfectly inside if you need to size down. 

Don’t take our word for it, just ask our moms…

So much success and no pain

I was mailed a product to try to catch letdowns similar to the Haakaa but the correct size flange! I didn’t respond to the Haaka and it caused me tons of pain. I used this product the first time and I couldn’t get it to stay attached while moving. I reached out to Crystal and she told me to try it with a nursing bra so I did. I was able to fill it up all the way. I had my 3.5-year-old try to open it after it was filled and she couldn’t take the plugger out. I continued to use this product with so much success and no pain. Absolutely recommend if you are having issues with another product that may be causing you pain with the wrong-sized flange.

~Lindsay Morehouse

I would get a little more milk each time I used it

I am absolutely amazed with how I felt absolutely no pain while using it. It made me wonder if I was using it correctly. I used it for one of my pump sessions a total of 7 days. Each day, I would get a little more milk each time I used it. I am an under-supplier and seeing a good output from something other than a wall pump is amazing! I wish I could have had it sooner. it would have really come in handy during the beginning of my journey as he was nursing then. Over all, I will definitely be buying this for my next journey!

~Krystle Johnson

Other brands hurt and pull too much areola in

This pump is so much better than other silicone pumps I’ve used! It works best for me to collect extra milk from the side I’m not pumping or nursing on and it gets more than a collection cup. It’s also the most comfortable I’ve ever used since the other brands hurt and pull too much areola in. This one I can’t even feel when it’s on, yet it still starts my first letdown right away. The suction cup on the bottom works really well and it’s super convenient when my baby needs my attention and I need a safe place to put it. I also really like the strap it came with. It’s pretty and makes it feel so fancy!

~Elizabeth Webb

The Pump Pod is a game changer!

The Pump Pod is a game changer! Being able to express milk with comfort and no pinching has been amazing! Massaging is also easy with it suctioned on which is great. I also love the suction cup so I dont spill it.

~Tiffany Mooney

I love my Pump Pod!

I love my Pump Pod! Anyone who has used a Haaka, knows that sometimes it can be uncomfortable. Making sure you’re sized correctly for this pod makes it so much more comfortable! It doesn’t feel like I had something on while nursing my baby!

~Lexie Chaney

Infinitely times better than Haakaa

There are so many good things about this new product Crystal has created!
I love the fact that you can put your size insert in it so it doesn’t hurt or bother you while using it. The fact that it has an amazing suction and plug for it so it doesn’t get knocked down as easy as the Haakaa nor does it spill. You do have to be careful pulling the plug so you don’t shake it everywhere but that is little compared how well this product is made for us. I have used the Haakaa for 3 kids now and it has caused so much pain, swelling, and bruising that I don’t use it as much. When I tried this Pump Pod out it was infinitely times better than Haakaa. No bruising, no swelling, pain or discomfort WHATSOEVER.  To add to the no spilling or knocked over, my 2 yr old boy couldn’t pull the plug and had a hard time knocking it over. He did, with force, knock it over but the plug did not pop off or spill. For my almost 4 yr old, it took her a few tries to get the plug off. If you have curious and destructive kids, this product will pass inspection with them.

~Angel Sisk

How does it work?

The customizable milk collection cup that was made for YOU and your nipples!

Pump Pod

Pumping should never have a one-size fits all solution because your nipples are as unique as you are which is why the Pump Pod is Customizable !


1 Pump Pod- size 24mm just like your electric pump flanges

1 Stopper to prevent spills

1 Scrub brush

**Pumping Pretty Inserts (sold separately) fit perfectly inside for nipple sizes smaller than 24mm (size 13mm, 15mm, 17mm, 19mm)