Pumpables Super Genie – It sucks wonderfully!

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If you’re like me, you have several pumps and you are constantly trying to find the one that you will respond to the best. I was ecstatic once I started evaluating the Pumpables Super Genie because it had so many new functions that I had not seen in another pump.  For the last 5 years I had always gone back to using Spectra S2 because it emptied me the best. So when I started using Pumpables Super Genie I was amazed at how many new functions it offered that Spectra didn’t. Let me list some of them here:

It’s portable: No you can’t clip it to your hip but if you are sitting down and need to get up and move around, you can carry it in your hand. Can’t do that with Spectra S2.

It’s smaller: Compared to Spectra, which is round and large; It’s smaller and rectangle so it’s easier to carry and no need to get a specialized diaper bag to fit/carry the pump like you would have to do for Spectra.

Handle with light: Spectra has a handle and light but not like this!  You can move the handle in any direction which makes the pump smaller. If the light is too bright you can move the handle down and it’s dimmer in addition to having two light settings.

Pause: I can’t tell you enough how great it is to have a pump you can pause and not loose the info on where you left off. If I am on a call and need it more quiet I can pause pumping then start back up again. It’s also great if I am power pumping so I don’t loose track of my time.

It’s programable: You can download the app and set your own programs, save history ect… You finally found settings you like so you can program it and not even think about it again. The worst thing with Spectra was turning on the pump at a higher suction and feel like your nipples are ripping off.

Vibration: This pump vibrates just like Spectra so you get that added stimulation that can help you empty better.

Flanges: Pumpables has unique silicon flanges called Liquid Shields 17mm – 29mm. These are great alternatives to using standard hard plastic flanges. But the reality is you can use any flanges on the market with this pump. All you have to do is hook up the tubes to your new flanges using the backflow protectors. But at least this company is trying to help moms, unlike Spectra who only offers 20/24/28mm.

Battery/chargers: This company goes above and beyond by even providing power adapters and international power prongs! I live in the States but when I see that this comes with extra things, it makes me happy that I can recommend this pump to my clients overseas. Not to mention if I take a trip overseas, I don’t have to come out of pocket for the little things – Pumpables did it for me.


  1. Your insurance may not cover this pump so you would have to pay out of pocket for it… But I have a coupon for you!
  2. They don’t have the 19mm Liquid Shields.

That’s seriously the only two things and that’s not even that bad! Needless to say, I really like this pump. I keep this one in my home office where I spend most of my time.

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