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Yes that’s me crying!
My goal has always been to change certain aspects about the Breast Pumping Community
and if you have known me from the beginning, I have never strayed from this goal. Constantly working to make changes; I hope everyone reading this will help find a way to do the same for future Pumping Moms… This is not a competition.

I started sizing moms in 2017 after disbelief that the Breast Pump Companies were not taking responsibility in helping moms on their pumping journeys. Kicked out of a few breast pumping FB groups run by IBCLCs,  left me with the unfortunate realization that these companies were not interested in change or getting to the root of the issue of what I believed to be, “Flange Sizes” that were being offering to customers. Of course, this is just my opinion and how I feel but Thank You for doing it because I did not expect to be standing here today still helping moms the best way I know how. Am I perfect? Do I have a solution for every issue? NO; but am I trying? ABSOLUTELY! That has to count for something. Since then, I became dubbed the Breast Pump Sizing Expert and have helped thousands of women, even LC’s, across the world to be able to get a better understanding of their own unique pumping issues and thus help others around them. One thing was still beyond my control, the types of products moms had to use with their pumps. So it got me thinking, if I have the capability to make it this far despite the way the Breastfeeding Community feels about me, then I should be able to solve the issues like air gaps with flat nipples or elastic nipples. Over the years these have been the most common complaints moms have had, including myself; who has elastic nipples especially when using Elvie. How could I help make a better product? How can I make Pumping Moms lives easier? 

March 2021, I sent an email to my designer telling him all about the hacks the moms currently use, specifically with Elvie OG, and the need to extend the length of the flanges so moms nipples don’t cover the suction holes. Within one week we designed several options and in April I had my first prototypes. I was even able to test out the hard plastic prototypes on myself and wow, what a game changer this would be! Due to ongoing issues with the pandemic in the country, lack of funds and other projects I had in the works, I put a pause on it but at any moment I wanted to proceed, we were ready to go.

Fast forward to November 2021, I was ready to get the ball rolling. We had final prototypes made and I selected several moms to test them out. All provided raving honest reviews on how the seal made the suction much stonger and they were so much more comfortable vs other options they had used so I decided to proceed with my first order. I was so scared but ecstatic this was happening! I hadn’t even picked out a name yet! But thanks to my web designer Tara, we settled on Pumping Pretty ™️. I just hoped that my products were going to make it in the country as I had already lost thousands of dollars on another project that got held up from the pandemic. I got the finishing touches to the website up and running and was able to pre-launch on January 31st. To my surprise the inserts arrived a day early and I was officially able to start mailing the inserts out the same week!

Now holding my breath to get massive feedback from moms… Of course I know not everyone will love them, they won’t be the magical product for all but I do hope they will help the majority. Those moms suffering from elastic nipples, dealing with short inserts, air gaps from having flat nipples… Those rare moms with all the issues, I hope to help them. 

I have a few more projects in the works and two coming soon and I hope to get good results on those too. My goal has always been to change the Breast Pumping Community and since I can’t be a part of how breast pumping companies change their sizing ways, I will try and do my part the best way I know how. Teaching moms, teaching/sharing with LCs/IBCLCs and trying to get everyone the same information so we can all help one another. We should be here to support, encourage and uplift and too often do I see competitions and stealing ideas. Let’s be more transparent in what are goals are… My goals will remain to help Breast Pumping Moms. 

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