Saving Your Sanity: Tips For Remote Working Parents

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Guest Post by:  Janice Russell,

Save The Milk knows that remotely working from home while caring for young children can be both a blessing and a challenge. You may find yourself switching back and forth between professional and parent mode multiple times a day. Help maintain your sanity with good time management skills, a positive attitude, and by giving yourself permission to dress comfortably as you simultaneously wrangle both work assignments and children’s needs.

Maintain a Schedule
While it might be easier said than done, anyone who has ever cared for a baby or
toddler will tell you that maintaining a schedule can be a lifesaver when it comes to parental multitasking. When you work remotely, this begins with a conversation with your supervisor or manager about your time and availability restrictions, and development of a flexible working schedule. This type of arrangement can ensure you’re able to compartmentalize home and work, making sure each aspect has your full attention as necessary. If you can get your kids on a waking and sleeping schedule and plan for regular meals and one-on-one interaction, it can be a sanity-saving approach.

Make Yourself Comfortable
While most types of remote work involve some degree of virtual face time with
colleagues, supervisors and clients, don’t feel the need to be dressed professionally
from head to toe on a regular basis. Save your time and energy and opt for comfortable, multifunctional clothing, like yoga pants, leggings or even a soft and stretchy dress with a nursing panel if you’re breastfeeding or pumping. This type of outfit allows you to quickly add a sweater or jacket as necessary to take a Zoom meeting, and then pivot to a game of tag or a snuggle nap without missing a beat. Comfy clothes are also less restrictive than traditional work attire, and that degree of comfort can help you maintain a sense of calm.

Ask For Help And Support
Simultaneously managing work and home life is a heavy lift for anyone, and asking for help when you need it is essential. You might employ the assistance of friends, family or other household members to lend a hand. According to Parents magazine, equitably sharing child care responsibilities with a spouse or partner is critical. It may even be a good investment to hire outside assistance, particularly if you have flexible working hours that enable you to schedule your time accordingly. Another sanity-saver is the ability to let the small things slide. According to Taste of Home, easy-to-prepare nutritious meals can take the place of fancy dinners, and a tidy house is more practical and less stressful than an immaculately clean one.

Stay Organized
In addition to managing your time wisely, organization is also a key element of
successfully balancing work and home life. This might mean assigning specific chores and tasks to each member of the household or having designated spots for favorite toys, snacks and work supplies. Anything you can do to create an orderly flow to your day can help reduce stress and anxiety and make you a more productive worker and attentive parent. Don’t forget to factor in time for personal care. Even a brief “alone time” break can work wonders. Consider the benefits of a brisk walk, a quiet cup of tea or listening to a favorite podcast or music channel.

Remote working paired with childcare is a delicate balancing act. Treat yourself with
kindness and maintain honest, open and clear communication with your family and your colleagues. Having a plan of action – even if you don’t stick to it 100 percent of the time – can help reduce stress and create a family, home and work dynamic that is beneficial and rewarding to all.

Written By:

Janice Russell  ||  ||  [email protected]

Save The Milk, LLC

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