Ship The Milk

The simple and affordable way to ship your breastmilk, to anyone, anywhere

Save The Milk™ Shipping Kits are now available so you can Ship The Milk!  Shipping your breastmilk should be easy.  We take the guesswork out of it by sending you all the needed supplies.  A shipping box that fits up to 300 oz, Thermafreeze ice packs, and a cooler that fits perfectly inside of the shipping box.  Now, you can safely ship your breastmilk anywhere.  You purchase the shipping kit from us below, and we ship it all out to you.  Just freeze the ice packs, fill the cooler with your breastmilk, and ship it out!  

A shipping label is NOT included with the kit purchase.  If you are interested in getting a quote from us for a highly discounted UPS shipping label to ship your milk from one location to another, please send us an email with the sender and recipient addresses.

**Please note that shipping less than 200 oz in our boxes is not recommended without packing with more ice packs.  When the milk is not packed in tightly, it will thaw faster.  We are not responsible for any spoiled, lost, or damaged milk.

Cooler kits are temporarily suspended due to shipping delays. Requests for Discounted Shipping Labels only are still active, please email for a quote

Shipping Kit


Save The Milk now offers Ship The Milk Boxes. The simple, affordable option for breastmilk shipping, to anyone, anywhere. This kit includes everything you need for shipping your breastmilk safely.  FREE shipping within the US (excluding Alaska & Hawaii)!

Kit includes:

  • Insulated Cooler that fits inside of the shipping box- 1.5” thick, inside dimensions are 14.125 x 10.5 x 9.857″
  • Outside shipping box dimensions are 18×12.5×14″
  • 4 large ice sheets by ThermaFreeze
  • Milk will stay frozen and will stay/ship safe for 24 hours, and will start to thaw in 48 hours but is still safe. In hot summer months, it’s recommended to ship overnight
  • These coolers have been tested and can fit up to/over 300oz of breastmilk

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How do I purchase a shipping label to ship my milk from one location to another?

Please email us at with the sender and recipient addresses and we will provide you with a highly discounted quote for a UPS shipping label that can be sent out with your shipping kit.

Do I have to ship breast milk overnight?

Shipments averaging 300oz or less should be shipped overnight to prevent the risk of thawing during shipment.

How do I pack my breast milk into the cooler for shipment?

Easy to understand instructions will come with the STM Cooler Kits for preparing and packaging the breast milk for shipment.

What is the shipping timeframe for the STM coolers kits when orders from

We do our best to ship your kit within 2-3 business days

What are the internal and External dimensions of the shipping cooler?

Internal dimensions are 11.125 x 7.5 x 6.857

Wall thickness 1.5”

Outside dimensions are 14.125 x 10.5 x 9.857

What is your return and refund policy on the STM cooler kits?

STM Cooler kits are non-returnable and non-refundable.

How many ounces of breastmilk can be shipped in a STM Cooler Kit?

Breast Milk Bags vary in size based on brand and how they are frozen. Here are two example estimates for what you may experience.

Lansinoh size bags frozen flat up to 5oz: Approx. 300oz

Mother K size bags frozen flat 5-10oz: Approx. 200- 250oz

To measure if your breast milk bags will fit you can check the HxLxD area of your frozen breast milk bags to check the volume of how it will fit inside a cooler with internal dimensions of 11.125 x 7.5 x 6.857. Be sure to account for space for the ThermaFreeze packs.


We have so many new & exciting things coming your way!!  Stay tuned for our all-new shipping label purchase option featuring extreme savings on shipping costs!  You’ll soon be able to purchase our shipping kit and shipping label all in one transaction!  Also coming soon is our new Milk Marketplace!  A place where moms can buy & sell their milk without breaking the bank!  Save The Milk™ is your one-stop breastmilk shop!